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A Bit About Me And Mine

First off, thanks for stopping by where I may not always be a "happy homemaker", but still love what I do. Being a wife and a mom.

My name is Missy. Like I said I am a wife and a Stay-At-Home Mom to three kids. Oh wait! I just said "wife" and "mom". But now you know I stay home with the kids, too.

I'm 34 years old and am married to a 39 year old "big kid". We've been married for eight years now, and have been together for eleven years. He works in a national-chain grocery retail as the Head Frozen Foods Manager.

My three kids consist of two girls ages 11 and 6 years of age, with a boy in the middle that is 10. All three are advanced students in one way or another.

As for the boy, he is legally disabled due to several mental disorders. Including (but not limited to) ADHD, OCD and Anxiety Disorder. To say life is "interesting" with him is a complete understatement.

What do I like to do when I'm not taking care of three kids, a husband, a home and three cats?...What? Did I say "CATS"? I forgot to mention them, didn't I? Oops.. We have three kitty-boys, named Stinky, Shadow and Weebles as well. And they each have their own personality.

Plus, we are the proud pet parents to a Reptilian kid, too! His name is Gobi (named after a bagged sand product for reptile environment of all things, thanks to my oldest's ingenious mind). He (yes it's a HE, because I looked and found what says he is a "he" and not a "she") is a Bearded Dragon and is a perfect fit in to the zoo we call "family".

Now, back to my hobbies since I got off track. I like to blog (duh!), read in my spare time, watch One Life To Live on ABC Daytime and watch movies (NICOLAS CAGE!!!).

I'm also an advocate for Organ/Eye/Tissue Donation. I've been a Registered Donor since I was 18 years old. And I became a Recipient on 10/29/2009 of a Cornea after infection ate away most of my old cornea and a perforation took out the rest.

Well, that's me and my family in a nutshell. To find out more about us, our life and what I think about things or how I view certain topics, read on through this blog. And also stop by and take a gander at my two other blogs (listed below in link form).

Talk to ya later!!

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