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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It finally CLICKED with him!!!!

The difference is defiantly there. I have seen it every morning and most of every afternoon this week. At first, the change was subtle. But now, I can see the big impact.

His change in attitude, compliance, task maintaining and overall general behavior has taken a polarizing shift. And for the BETTER!

Bryce has really "grown" in the last six days. Since about Friday or Saturday. We noticed lately that he is starting to be more responsible with his personal property. Although OTHERS' property, we are still working on with him. But he is now actually asking to use something (like Hayley's DS game) than just swiping it.

Also, he is keeping up better with maintaining his room. Of course he is a boy. He will have "messes". But as of late, he is trying harder to put the items in their proper places, make his bed and have his room mostly clean.

Also, since Monday morning, he has been eating his cereal, dressing, and redying his backpack in a sufficient and timely manner. I have barely needed to "crawl up his butt" to get him motivated and moving to ready for the school day. Even waking up is no longer a chore. He gets up BEFORE me (by a few minutes) and is ready to start the day with his breakfast.

The only real problem I have with Bryce now is that he expects me to get him his cereal right as HE is up and ready. He will even at times come in my room, literally in tears and claim he is "starving" and wants his cereal  NOW because he is ready to eat.

Hey now, with all of the GOOD changes, you can't expect me to not still have a little excitement....

For Bryce having so many things wrong with him mentally, this is a HUUUUUUGE step for him, for me, and for our family as a whole. I will take whatever I can get that is POSITIVE in his care.


Unknown said...

Woohooo. Doug started Seroquel last night after a 2 hour session with teh dr for meds being started. He was asleep by 1030 although he had only had 4 hours of sleep in about 4 days so tonight will be the true test if it is the meds helping or he was totally exhausted.. he was labelled bipolar type 2 with OCD and Generalized Anxiety disorder

Missy said...

Seroquel is also Bryce's nighttime medicine! lol...It really does a good job of helping them to fall asleep and STAY asleep.

Plus, it is a mood stabilizer. That part of the med's function won't be apparent for around a month. So just hang in there a while longer for that to change up even slightly.

Dave said...

Congrats! Glad to see that things are improving.

I have no frame of reference to truly understand what you go through with stuff like this, but I am so glad that it's making you happy.

Timberwolf123 said...

What a wonderful gift for you, to be able to have Bryce become more independent!! Congrads & maybe the whole breakfast thing will get better to in time.



Unknown said...

Did he start a new med or is this all on his own? That is HUGE! :)

Missy said...

Keli, he did this on his own, surprisingly. His Case Manager happened to talk yesterday. He did say that this is probably temporary and he WILL "lower down" again, only to revert once more to where he is now.

I will take this for as long as I can get it. And I will deal with his coming down as I need to.

This is going to be a lot of "back and forth" until he can balance himself out. So far, what we have been doing, is working. And this is the end result.

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