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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My 10 Fave Things/Blogs...And an award to boot!

First of all, thank you...a B-I-G THANK YOU to Bill for my purty award (and to Mike as well)!

Let's see here, I got some work to do. First of all, I think I will start with my ten favorite things/people in my life....

1) My husband and children. If it weren't for them, I would be lost. They bring new adventures and renewed joy to my life on a daily basis. Even if I do at times want to shove them off to a far away land and have a vacation from their wackiness once in a while.

2) My Cornea Donor. Without him/her, I would most likely not even have my eye at all, let alone the vision in it. They literally gave me back the window to the world. They are my hero, along side my husband and kids. My Donor's gift will never be forgotten.

3) Beauty of nature. I love going up to the Blue Ridge and watching the wildlife. I love seeing land that is unscathed by today's need for industrialization.

4) Coffee....The staple of my morning. Without my daily java fix, my mornings would be unbearable. I need to wake up to Breakfast Blend in my cup! 'Nuff said.

5) The Transplant Experience Community Group (TEC) on Facebook. They are my "lifeline" and "home" where I can get advice and support from others in the Transplant Community.

6) Volunteering. I do volunteer work at my childrens' school. It is a great feeling and warms my heart to know that I am able to touch such impressionable young lives and help them see that learning is fun. And they also see that people DO care about them and their education.

7) Reading. I have always been a "book lover" and can read an over 200 page novel within about 3 or 4 days if it's REALLY good.

8) Blogging. Writing is my passion. It always has been. And it's my form of personal therapy, helping others see that they are not alone in situations and is a wonderful outlet tool.

9) Talking to friends. Not just on the internet. Not just on the phone. But face-to-face.

10) Last, but certainly NOT least... Coffee! Oh wait. I already mentioned that, didn't I? My bad. Eh...

Now for the following 10 Blogs that are MUST READS according to yours truly! (In no particular order, mind you)....

                                                     And the "Happy-101" Award goes to....

1) Angel Believes ( woman can make you laugh, get angry, and cry (most of the time from the laughter) all in a single post. And she does NOT sugar-coat.

2) I Like To Fish ( want funny with a side of warped? You can get it right here!!

3) Sugar Pies ( This man has the most delectable sweet treats you could ever feast your eyes on! Too bad I'm scared to try the recipes in fear of burning down my house.

4) Leigh vs. Laundry ( A fellow Stay-At-Home Mom who is just way funnier than moi. She will have you in stitches when you are done reading her.

5) Journey To Joy ( What can I say? This blog is a really inspirational "eye opener". Bill takes you in to yourself and makes you think in a different direction.

6) Coffee With Marty ( Marty is a Christian. And he is a Coffee lover (to the tenth power!). Need I really say more?

7) I am lotus ( She takes motherhood AND sarcasm/snark to a whole other level.

8) Busted Plumbing ( The tales, trials and tribulations of a woman fighting infertility. Most of the time, with humor!

9) Donate Life Organ & Tissue ( Need I say more?

10) (Hiding from the Kids) ( A funny take/look for a working mom with kids.

BLOG AWARD WINNERS!!!.....Your turn to name your 10 favorite things and blogs. Pass it on, people. That is, unless you have ALREADY RECIEVED/PASSED ON the award!


Timberwolf123 said...

For some reason I get the feeling you like coffee....I'm not sure maybe I'm reading something into your post but I certainly get that impression.



Travis said...

How's this sound?

I take the award, give you a quick hug, with or without an ass grab, and then click that follow button?

I would give you other options, but hey, I already gave you the ass grab one.

I don't do lists or things like that for awards, but I am INCREDIBLY thankful that you gave this to me!

Oh, and that you picked a nice adjective like "warped."


Anonymous said...

Thank you so MUCH!!!! I am honored! I am planning a post in the future when I acknowledge the few people that I've received awards from. Thanks so much!!!

Unknown said...

Aww ty hun I loves you too...

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