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Monday, March 22, 2010

Discovery Channel's new Miniseries, 'Life' is making a big impact already on my kids!

I've got some of the best kids in the world. I really do! Yes, I know I sound biased. I have that right. They are MY kids after all. And who wouldn't be singing praises about their children especially after witnessing what I did last night. It was really an affirming moment for me. It told me that somewhere along the line, I've ended up doing something RIGHT with not just one or two of them. But with all THREE OF THEM.

On Discovery Channel, the highly anticipated 11-part Miniseries aptly named "Life" began at 8:00 PM. It's in two-hour blocks each Sunday. So, being it's an educational-inspired show, I'm okay with the kids staying up an hour late on Sundays to see this phenomenal series.

My family and I gathered downstairs, in the Family/TV area. Most of us huddled on the couch. Let me say that five people (consisting of Mom, Dad, a 10-year-old, a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old) trying to scrunch on to a 5-foot-in-length couch is a death-defying feat. You are almost crushed to death by those kids as they climb on you to find a comfy spot...Sounds like I have three more cats. Only human-size!

After settling in, the show started. And right from the start, we were amazed. All of us, including myself, were learning facts about nature's beasts (large, small and in between) that were never known to us before. And we were able to see the camera's capture of some of the wildest food hunts. A couple of them were documented on film for the very first time.

All three kids sat there in amazement as to what they witnessed on the screen. A couple times Scott and I heard "awww". A couple of "ewwww's" were thrown out. Including from yours truly, thanks to the big, hairy Tarantula Spider that was chasing his meal of a Pebble Frog.

The wildest part for me was when the Orca (Killer) Whales were hunting down a left-behind seal as their meal target. That seal got amazingly smart and was able to out-wit the three or four whales that were chasing after him.

But the saddest part came at the very end. A bison was hunted and bitten by a Komoto Dragon. They give off a toxic bite that sits and festers for WEEKS in the victim's system as it travels through the blood stream. He went down as he stood at the last watering hole available. By then, six Dragons were taling him, waiting for his death, which arrived in the middle of the night.

There were times during the show, that Skyler (the 5-year-old) would ask why something was happening, why an animal died, why this animal killed and ate another. But she was intrigued. She was interested in LEARNING about wildlife and it's raw, but fascinating world.

All three of them, in the end, after 'Life' has run it's entirety, I hope will carry away an even better respect, as well love, of nature, it's inhabitants and the power of the two combined. Since they were toddlers, my husband and I have been trying our best to instill good values in to our children. Including where animals and nature are concerned.

This miniseries is just one more tool that we as parents are using to get our children to understand 'Life'.


Timberwolf123 said...

Missed the start of it but know that "Earth" was amazing. I can't wait to get it on blue-ray so I can see it in HD. Glad the kids liked the start of "Life" learning is a wonderful thing!



Beth Chapman said...

What refreshing news - family sits together and experiences life together and talks. Wish that could be on the front page headlines. Thank you for dispelling all the bad news and shining a beautiful light.

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