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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Video Thursdays (my new Thursday MeMe)

I have decided that I am going to deem *THURSDAYS* to be Funny Video Thursday. Why? Just because and it's *my* blog. That's why! Don't like it? Oh well. At least not all my friends are poo-poo heads.

Plus especially today, I need some laughs. I'm severely lacking sleep. We had a REALLY nasty storm come through yesterday evening, and it blew out the Transformer two poles down from my house. The streak hit the box so bad, it sent sparks just-a-flyin'! And you could hear this awful ZAAAAAP.

After about an hour (of our 8-hour wait to get the damn thing fixed) I called Angel from over at Angel Believes ( told her all that happened. Including the part about having not enough bread for sammiches, so the hubs, Scott (love my man..even after all the HELL he put ME through last night) got pizza. Wouldn't y'all know that NOT EVEN 2 minutes later, Miss Angel had one of the finest blond moments I have ever known? She asks me..."Are you watching 'America's Got Talent?". After re-iterating I have NO POWER, it dawns that she asked the wrong question.

Anywho...Here are some videos that I think would bring you a chuckle. Let me know if you want me to keep this Thursday highlight going. PUHLEEZ?


singedwingangel said...

Personal favorite.. the tv show blooopers. I LOOOOOOOVE the game shows goofs thebest hose are priceless..

In3Dee said...

ugh, scary storm. We all have blonde moments. Whats worse, is when the power is off at my house, and I still walk in a room and flip the lightswitch on. haha

Love Bloopers

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