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Monday, December 6, 2010

25 Days of Christmas (Day 6)

I'm sure that like us in my home, you are in the midst of tree trimming, hanging wall decor, trading out your everyday "breakables" with those with a Christmas-like theme and preparing your festive meal plans. Then add in all that gift buying and ensuring that all of your Holiday Cards are written, stamped and ready to hand out or mail to those you hold dear.

But wait! What about those that have no tree? Those that have no money or means to have a good meal? And those that cannot buy ANYTHING for even their own child?

What can YOU do to make a difference? Even in just one child's or senior's life this Christmas season. The season of giving, loving and good will towards others.

Let's see here...

You can donate toys and clothing (new) to the Salvation Army's Angel Tree.


Or you can donate NEW toys to Toys For Tots.(Ran by the Marine Corp)


You can even donate GENTLY used toys, books and clothing to your local Goodwill Center, where people can still buy items, but at a very affordable price.


If you wish to donate food items, that is WONDERFUL as well. Many stores in your area are currently holding Food Drives. Kroger, WalMart, Target, Food Lion..just to name a few. Call your local retail grocer of your liking and ask what they are doing and how to donate to their Donation Station.

You could even donate food to your local charity centers and/or Food Bank.


FOOD BANK FOR NEEDY *PETS* (They need to eat too!)

Wish to actually donate TIME this year? Why not volunteer in a local Soup Kitchen this Christmas?



As far as donations go, other than Goodwill, if you wish to not go national, and KNOW for certain that your contribution is staying local and to those in REAL need, I suggest going through your church or synagogue. Especially at this time of year, most churches and synagogues set up donation stations in their foyers to help fellow members and parishioners (in a confidential means, of course) where all donations stay within the place of worship (and distributed only to members deemed in need of assistance).

I've done my part, as have my kids (Angel Tree..Day 3). Now it's your turn.

Yes, I am CHALLENGING everyone that reads this post to GO OUT and to HELP others in need. Be it volunteering time, your money, buying food for a food pantry/bank/drive, or to donate a NEW toy and/or clothes to a child that may have NOTHING under the tree this year without YOUR help.

Everyone needs a little light in their lives. Will you be their beacon? No child (or senior, or even pets) deserve to not have a touch of happiness in the cold months.


Fijufic said...

Thanks. I donate and participate an awful lot and it always feels good even if it is tiring...

djpr said...

You've hit the nail on the head here. Once upon a time when my family was financially stable, we took more pleasure from helping out like this than we did buying gifts for each other.

Now that I'm in the situation where my daughter will have only one gift under the tree this year and no one else will have anything at all, I find that even donating her old things gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. We just dropped off a ton of like new toys and clothes to Goodwill in the hopes that it will help other families be able to afford things for themselves and their children this year for Christmas.

Thanks for sharing this, I know I felt better just reading it!

<3 Donna

Ashley said...

We're adopting a family this year and I enjoy shopping and planning for them way more than my own family!

Eschelle said...

xoxox for your wonderfulness!

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