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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bible Q&A Day

Welcome to Bible Q&A Day, where I will quote a question from the book (information provided below), word for word as it is printed in the book its self, and under it, provide the answer. From there, under the (****), I will give MY PERSONAL thoughts/views/feelings regarding the answer that was provided.

*Each question and it's following answer will be provided by "500 Questions And Answers From The Bible" (Mark Fackler, Editor, 2006, Barbour Publishing Inc.)*

(Genesis 1:26)

Q; What's important about being made in God's "image"?

A; Humans are not replicas of God, but we do share certain common characteristics with God. God is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present, perfectly good, holy, and loving. We are not. But like God, we are spiritual, rational, emotional, communicative, and moral beings. We have dignity, purpose, and meaning. And we can experience the bonds of personal relationships.


Funny that this one came up after the week I've just had, where I'd taken my youngest on a play date at a friend's house, where us three moms talked about various topics, including religion and beliefs as the girls all played.

Now, these weren't three Christian ladies, mind you. You had a Hindu mom, a New Age mom and a Christian mom. As we sat there at the table talking about what we each individually believe, and how much alike our three belief systems are, we all realized some strong commonalities.

1) There was a Higher Power that (at least) helped to create the universe and all things that are in it. Including us.

2) There is another life after this one is over.

3) We were all made in God's image.

The only real "dispute" among us (which really wasn't a dispute, being we are mature enough to discuss differences without fighting like rabbits and dogs) was how many "gods" that there are in existence and/or control of us and the universe.

My New Age friend feels that we have two creators. A God and a Goddess.

My Hindu friend believes in many Gods and Goddesses. So many I think my brain would hurt trying to keep track (lol).

Of course, being a Christian, I believe that there is only one God and Creator.

Now, "made in His image", I see not so much as a physical trait that God is speaking of, but of the deeper inner workings of our being. We were made to love others, to help others and to be the rulers over His creations (plants and animals lower than ourselves).

The only issue that I have with the above answer is the last sentence.. "And we can experience the bonds of personal relationships". Because while indeed, we CAN experience a PERSONAL bond or relationship with those here in the physical sense, I find great difficulty having a personal "relationship" (as in deeply like with your children or husband/partner) with someone you cannot see, touch, or smell.

Yes, as Christians, we must trust by faith alone. But it makes it no easier, at least for me to have that "personal" bond or relationship with God. Maybe this stems from what I went through as a preteen and teenager. Or maybe even earlier, being I felt cursed for something that I didn't do, but got "punished" anyways.

In all honesty, I have NEVER, ever really felt that close, intimate bond with Christ. I love Him. I believe in Him. I believe in what He did for me and the world on the cross. But I just cannot feel THAT intimately close to Him, no matter how hard I try to.

So, I don't take the "made in His image" to heart or to a level of being on an exact level myself.

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Crystal said...

Very brave of you to post these kind of questions...some people get very heated about religion. I rarely touch the topic on my blog even though I walk closely w/the Lord. I accepted Him as my Savior when my hubby was in Iraq. That connection w/Him was not immediate...but I have done a lot of studying, praying, and meditating on the word in order to understand the Lord, his purpose for me, and His deep love for us.

I agree that is hard to have that deep connection w/something you "believe", but I've now come to KNOW Him, talk to Him, walk with Him, rely on Him.

My walk ebbs and flows...and it is a constant isn't easy...but I can "feel" when my soul yearns for Him and when I am in His presence. windy. Sorry!!! Stopping by for comment love day...sorry I left my own post!!

Missy said...

"Windy" away, Crystal! (=

I think a lot of my "problem" like I said in the post, ebbs from my past as a child and young teen. I've yet to go in to great detail about it, but maybe at some point I will... That alone gets me in to trouble with other Christians.

I can't help how I thought and felt then, being I went through some REALLY rough times where being a believer stands.

6 Happy Hearts said...

Interesting post. I found your blog on FLOB.
My relationship w/Christ seems to ebb & flow. I have been through seasons where I felt so close w/Him I could burst. Right now, I am distant. I don't want to have a relationship where during tough times I am close & in easier times I don't rely on Him.
I will say the times I have been closer I am reading my Bible, talking w/Him earnestly and seeking Him. I am one to try to find Him throughout my day in everyday life. I'm cheesy, I like to thank Him when I see a beautiful sunset :)
We were just discussing this closeness thing the other day.
I want to be careful not to give you the legalistic answer. You know the whole pray more, drop your sins or God will never leave you so you must be doing something wrong.
All I know is that God loves you no matter what. Maybe try something new, a new Bible Study, an on-line series or listen to new podcasts.
Blessings over your NEW Blog series!

Alida Sharp said...

very brave of you to do this and what a great idea!

When we were serving in Russia we had a ministry on Saturdays that many people from all walks of life attended. My husband teaches on Recovery subjects so we don't have a problem using the phrase 'Higher Power'. That opened the door for a Buddhist, several agnostics and people from various Christian denominations to all come together to learn and discuss Recovery principles that were being taught from a biblical perspective.

I have been a Christian since aged 10 and I still struggle sometimes with being made in His image. I feel very close to Christ and relate to Him much easier than to God as a Father. Now that shows where my issues are. I have had some struggles with my dad but as we both get older I am seeing him in a different light which means I am seeing Him in a different light.

Thanks so much for this new series... so eager to read more!!

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