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Friday, January 7, 2011

I have This New Bloggy Friend...

...Over at For The Love Of Blogs!

She is so very sweet! And loves books and poetry (which is a plus for me!). Also her writings are so eloquent and at times, even mesmerizing. And knowing myself that I am not a poll-kind-of-gal, I surprisingly LOVE taking polls on her page.

AubrieAnne over at Who's Your Editor? is a lovely blogger who VALUES her readers!

Last night as some of us were conversing in her comments section, it came to light (not by me at first) as to her color schemes, fonts and sizes of her blog text. After taking note that some of us (yes, including myself) were suggesting changing some things, seeing as it is hard to read what is written on the page, AubrieAnne entered the GIVEAWAY for a completely new blog design.

She'd even let us see a copy of her entry letter. And then stated that no matter what, she would shut down and have an easier page to read.

THAT my friends is a REAL writer, blogger and TRUE friend in the blogging world.

To listen to what your readers are saying (constructively). To fix a problem that your readers bring attention to, in any way that can possibly do so. To be willing (if you each follow one another) to comment on EACH OTHER'S writings here and there. (Not every day or even weekly..I can make do with once a month!)

Please feel free to stop by and see AubrieAnne over at Who's Your Editor?, especially if you are a lover of books, poetry and have a love for (very) good writing.

1 comment:

AubrieAnne said...

You are the biggest SWEETHEART!! I am so flattered that I am actually blushing! It's passionate readers and bloggers like yourself that make me LOVE writing and sharing it. I can wait for the blog makeover (wether I win the giveaway or not) just knowing you and others are behind me and anxious to see the new look (and be able to read it better) is just awesome.

I'll be seeing you around :)

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