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Monday, January 24, 2011

Magical Monday With 'For The Love Of Blogs'

It's yet again another beautiful Monday here in bloggy land. Not so much around where I live. It's cloudy and cold. And it looks like more of the white stuff is in my future. No! Not THAT white stuff. Flakes on the ground, not in my hair, silly.

I highly suggest that if you have yet to do so, to join a wonderful, friendly, and well organized blogging community. It's For The Love Of Blogs. Best thing (besides getting your blog out there)? You do *not* have to be a blogger yourself to join. It's also meant to be a wonderful tool for readers to find new blogs to read that are of their interests.

Stop on by today, and tell them that Proudmom (Missy) sent you over. No, I won't get a prize, but I'm sure that they love hearing where others and newbies are coming over from as to scope them out. Just click on the blog button (below) to hop on over to their site.

BUT!! Before you do, if you have a blog or two (or more) that you wish to promote, feel free to also do so here in my linky tool area (also below, at the very bottom of the post).

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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