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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(Not So) Hot For Teacher

As most of my readers know, I love volunteering at the school where my three children attend. I primarily work with the Kindergarten classroom that my daughter, Skyler resides at during the school day.

But right now, I'm not very happy with the school and how they are handling the transition of my daughter's class.

First, right before Thanksgiving, the Student Teacher had left after her fifteen weeks of "shadowing" and teaching the class was done as to be able to graduate and get her Teaching Certificate/License. The kids took her going away pretty hard, being that they had grown attached to her, and her to them. She was outstanding! And I loved working with her in the classroom.

Then, just as Winter Break loomed upon us, the second to the last day of school before break began, we got a letter from their teacher letting us know she was forced to resign due to health issues. So needless to say, the Christmas Party I put together for the class also became a Going Away/We'll Miss You party, as well.

Now, for almost an entire month, they've been doing the hiring process to replace the teacher in the Kindergarten classroom. And for at least another two weeks, starting YESTERDAY, there will be a substitute running the class.

There's a few problems with this though..

1) What's her name? None of the kids can tell us. Why? Because according to what many of us moms compared, she NEVER told them! Or said Miss B.

2) Where's the Daily Folder that they are to bring home everyday? Not in my hands! According to the kids, she will send them home today.

3) Subs...Is this one constant for the next two weeks, or are they rotating them?

4) Morning Routine (Calendar, weather, Wall Words, Days of the Week) were NOT done. In fact, according to the kids they did basically NOTHING of their routine or much of anything else the ENTIRE day. Just some coloring and Carpet Time...twice.

It would have been nice to have SOMETHING sent home on the first day as to who the person is and how long that they are staying with the kids (projected time) until they finalize the hiring process.

Us parents were forced to send our Kindergarten-age children to school to be taught by some "stranger" for the next two weeks. That alone was bad enough. But to STILL not know a thing about the person, quite possibly until the next day, to me is utterly absurd and disrespectful of the kids and of us as their parents.

In the event that nothing again is sent home as promised, according to the kids (getting their folders sent home), and especially if there is nothing pertaining to the teacher (introduction letter), then there's a number of us parents that are ready to go as a group on Thursday to the school and confront the matter. We don't like "smoke and mirrors" when it comes to entrusting our SMALL children to others that we know nothing about. We want answers and to know who this person is. Is that really too much to ask?

This is also making me decide firmly at this point, that on Friday I WILL indeed be at school for my Volunteer day as usual. This way, the kids will have SOMEONE that they know and are used to in their environment. Plus I know who tries to pull what, who is sensitive (sensory-wise), who has behavior problems that are out of their control and who are shadows (monkey-see-monkey-do) {mainly if seeing another kid is truly ill feeling}.

What a way to begin the last half of the school year, the beginning of 2011 and the start of a new school week.

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AubrieAnne said...

It is nice to be back here! I thought I was going insane when the link to your old blog wouldn't work!

Anyway, I am so sorry to hear about this. I know, as a student, how this feels. FOr some reason my class was cursed when it came to English teachers (Go figure! It ends up being one of my best classes!) For some reason, they seemed very disposable staring in middle school.

In 6th grade, our teacher got really sick and the entire second semester was taught by a long term sub. She was crazy and had us painting with sticks or flying kites (no joke).

In seventh grade, our teacher got pregnant and went on maternity leave for the second half (meaning more long term subs).

We had our English teacher in 8th grade for the entire year, but she left right after having our class.

In 9th grade, our teacher was leaving so he could get his masters (meaning, yet again, another long term sub for the second half. She had us writing journals almost everyday and I don't remember reading ANYTHING!)

In 10th grade, our teacher was FABULOUS. she knew so much and really whipped us into shape! I think she really made up for all the inconsistencies in previous years.

Finally, 10th grade, our teacher retired after one semester, and guess WHAT? The crazy long term sub from 6th grade became our long term sub once again!!! This time we just watched movies all the time though.

It was so stressful! Always having to accomadate someone new, learn their preferences and teaching methods. It was hard work!

Feeling the frustrations all over again!

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