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Monday, April 4, 2011

Parents...Learn From This Show!

No, I'm not joking. And the subject of bullying isn't a joke, either. It's real. It's raw. And today's form of bullying has taken on new ways of cause and effect.

When I was a small child, I was heckled, ridiculed, made the butt of jokes, and even "imitated" because of my trache. Don't forget the name calling and pushing.

But today, with technology advances such as the internet and YouTube, bullying has taken new and (literally) far-reaching forms.

Now kids attack one another on sites such as FaceBook and MySpace, or even Twitter.

Not just in the form of words. But via groups, "like pages", Tweets, videos and other internet means, including in the Blogging world. This is called Cyberbullying.

I am a longtime 'One Life To Live' (ABC) fan. One of the current storylines is centering around a Freshman boy in High School who has life-threatening Asthma. Shane Morasco is at the end of his rope with the bullying and the video of him naked in the school's gym being posted to the internet and "MyFace" (OLTL's version of FaceBook) and ready to end his life just to "make it all stop".

Sadly this is something in regards to bullying that we hear about almost daily in the news media outlet. Be it face-to-face bullying or being bullied on the internet.

Here is the preview of the storyline for this week (April 4th)...

Please, I beg EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PARENT that reads this, TEACH your children about bullying and it's many forms. Teach them what the (possible) repercussions are as the bully and what CAN (and often does) happen to bullying victims.

Both sides lose when it comes to bullying. Some lose their lives. Some have to live with lifelong guilt due to their actions. And families are torn because of the actions of the bully and their target.

No child should suffer abuse from a bully.

And bullies have it within them to change and become better people. But sometimes for that to happen, it comes at a hefty price.

It should NEVER have to be that way.


Eschelle said...

I agree with you, this is the most heart breaking video on "cyber-bullying" it is a plea. Spread it :D

Diana said...

Oh I went through this with my Katie when she was in middle school. She was miserable. Cried everyday. I finally was able to get some names out of her and we went to the principal. It ended right there and then thank goodness.
I really believe that most bullying starts at home. We need to teach our children to be kind. Not an easy task in todays world.
So good of you to post on this subject. It's very important.
Love Di ♥

We Heart Shops said...

great post dahhhling! it breaks my heart...truly! i'm homeschooling because of it...and not only was it the students, it's some teachers as well...which is even sadder....:(

We Heart Shops said...

sorry, it's me case you are wondering why we heart shops is popping up...forgot i was logged in there:) xo

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