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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Shopping = ...Being Greedy Bastards (??)

Originally, I had posted the following on my FaceBook page as a "Note". But I think it needs to really go further than just to my friends on my "Friends List".

Let's just say that I am tired of seeing people lump everyone in to one huge category when it comes to having the "Christmas Shoppers spirit" and are then viewed as materialistic assholes who don't give a rat's ass about their fellow man, woman or child.

What I had initially said was...

I'm just going to put this out there, knowing I may tick some off...

Yes, my children made wish lists for Christmas. Heck, even this year, Mom and Dad are joining in the list-making fun ourselves.

We are NOT materialistic people. We are not all about money and things. Not that having those is a bad thing, per say. And I commend those that are strong on their stance about helping the needy.

But it does peeve me off a bit when you have a bit of a crap-tastic attitude about people shopping for the Holiday, and seemingly "auto-assuming" that we don't give to those less fortunate. In what seems to be every post about donating items to help people.

We have been in a spot where we required help to get our children things for Christmas. If it weren't for Salvation Army, the Angel Tree organization, Toys For Tots and a couple of churches, my children would have basically had NOTHING under the tree.

MOST of us that some people have bashed and downgraded over buying gifts in fact DO buy for and donate things like toiletries, food, clothing, books and toys.

Are there some people in this world that don't give two craps about those in need? YEP. But there are way less of them, and oh-so-many-more of US THAT *DO* care about those that are hurting for food and clothing to keep warm this winter.

So, please, when you are asking people to have a heart and donate to a charity, be it with time, money or items, don't make it sound like we are some horrible, heartless excuses for human beings. When you add insults to your passionate desire to help others, it makes people NOT want to help.

Just some food for thought...

And a quick FYI... My family (myself, my husband, and our kids) DO in fact donate to the Salvation Army's Angel Tree organization, as well as drop money as we can in to their donation buckets.

Now, to ready for Christmas shopping tomorrow.

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