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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I don't think that I have been THIS busy in... forever. All this week I have had one thing or another going on. From wrapping gifts, to decorating and to card writing (which as of this point, has yet to begin).

But honestly, I wouldn't trade any of my busy-ness. I'm having fun (for the most part), getting out of the house more as of late, and am enjoying seeing smiles and knowing that we are creating some, too.

We have already bought, wrapped and returned the gifts to the Angel Tree program kids that my children, husband and I had picked. I now have all of the kids' gifts wrapped, with exception to one, being that I had to get reimbursed for an item that never came in on shipment because the order site didn't catch that it was out of stock. So we bought something else, and my husband has it, so it will be getting wrapped later this evening.

I also have all of the gifts ready to be boxed and sent to my father across to the western side of the states. And his Christmas card, which will also have a "bonus" in it, along with some friends' cards will help to complete the package.

Now, it's wrap things that are left for all of my husband's side. Including the nieces and a couple of nephews. And a butt load of Christmas cards to fill out and ready.

My husband and oldest may go out this evening after he gets off of work to shop for yours truly. My oldest said that she wants to be able to ensure that my husband doesn't buy me anything "stupid" or "dumb looking". Smart girl!

Well I think that I shall now leave you, as to prepare my hand for falling off. This card writing stuff is going to take me a while.

Here's a cool song to share. One from my childhood, and from a tradition that I miss having with my mom, but am now carrying on with my children...

Here's a BRAND NEW Country Christmas classic!

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