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Friday, January 20, 2012

Reptiles, amphibians and Snakes... Oh my!

So, are you a lover of the scaly, croaking, or slithering kind? If so, then there's a place for you to come talk about them. Especially if you are an owner/parent, a product representative for reptiles/amphibians/snakes, or a breeder (private or for retail).

At Lizard Lovers, we love to talk about our pets or our business. We also post pictures, ask for support about various things that may be coming up. And if we don't know the answer, we try and help one another to find the answer (Google is our BFF!).

So, if you own an "exotic" pet of the reptilian kind, or with a slithery body, or that croaks, come on over and see us! And we GLADLY accept those (including Zoo Med*, if they wish to join us) that sell various products for our animals, as well as both private and for-retail breeders of these animals.

Also, note that those with tortoises, turtles and (although I'm HIGHLY arachnophobic), spider lovers are welcome to join us as well. As are those that have scorpions.

Lizard Lovers would love to have you share with us!

*Zoo Med is not necessarily endorsed by this author. It's name is being used as an example within this post, seeing as they are a well-known retail chain of reptilian goods.

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