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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christianity...My brand.

What is a "Spiritual" type of Christian? Many ask me when I say that I am a Spiritual-Christian.

Within the definition, via, it states,.....

 "Traditionally, the following sects are "spiritual Christians": Molokans, Dukhobors, Khlysts, Skoptsy, and Ikonobortsy (Icon-fighters, "Iconoclasts"). These sects often have radically different notions of "spirituality". Their common denominator is that they sought God in "Spirit and Truth", rather than in the Church of official Orthodoxy or ancient rites of Old Believers. Their saying was "The church is not within logs, but within ribs".

Rejecting the official church, they considered their religious organization as a homogeneous community, without division into laymen and clergy."

Basically, this is how I too see my Christian walk with God. Not within the walls of a building. Not by paying my hard-earned money to an Organized Place Of Worship. And not within the confines of rituals (i.e.- I don't 'pray' for every tiny thing. Like to get the funds to go get the latest fashion).

Also. I have doubts concerning several areas of the Bible. There are too many holes within too many texts. Or one Book states one thing about a particular event or person. But then another Book relating to the same said person or event is totally opposite.

I'm not the kind of Christian (primarily refering to Fundamental Christians here) who are regarded as "Bible Thumpers", "Holy Rollers", "Religious Zealots" or the like.

I'm not one that will pound you over the head with Bible Verses, judge you for the way you decide to live (except for being abusive, alcoholism, or illegal drug use), or judge you for whom you love (bisexual, homosexual, or transgendered lifestyle).

What you do within YOUR life, to me has no bearing on mine. Nor is it truly my business. I have NO place to judge you. Only God Himself can do that.

Yes, I believe in "an eye for an eye". But you must first "remove the plank from your own eye, before removing the plank from another's".

If you can live with my "brand" of Christianity, then we will be just fine. And believe me when I say that there will be more Chirstian-based posts in the future on my blog.

Just give me  time.

1 comment:

singedwingangel said...

you tell it sister... now ya know why we see eye to eye on so many things lol

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