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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Tribute To My Birthday Girl!!

Once again in my home, another special day is upon me. One that I will never forget for as long as I breath.

It was a bitter-sweet day for me at that time. Now, it's just sweet.

Today, my "baby" is no longer a baby herself. She has turned five years old.

Three days after Thanksgiving of 2004, I gave birth via Cessarian Section to a healthy, lively, six pound, fifteen ounce, nineteen inch long baby girl.

The reason that day was so bitter-sweet is because just a year before, I had lost a baby in my sixteenth week of pregnancy. It was due around my son's birthday. In my mind, this wasn't supposed to be happening.

In fact, if I had that baby, my youngest would never have been born.

Her road is long on this journey we call life. But my daughter is taking it in stride. She is now in Preschool, loves playing with her big brother and sister, has a heart of gold, and is the sunshine in the midst of rain.

What it all comes down to is that I wouldn't trade this path of life for anything.

As I went through my journey with my eye (transplant and all), Skyler was right there, side by side with me. Being my "Medicine Doctor", my "Tape Doctor" and my "Eye Doctor". She made sure I was okay and had everything I needed. Especially my tape for placing my patch over my eye.

How many four/five year olds do you know of that do those things for their parents or siblings? Not many. She cried when I was hurting. She hugged me to "feel better", she kissed my "boo-boo" (my cheek).

While I know that my two older children were concerned and helpful, Skyler really put herself out there. Then again, since she could walk and babble, she has been the type to make sure YOU were okay.

What did I do to deserve a child such as she? Skyler is here to teach US something. Although I have yet to figure out what. Maybe it's to love others as you wish to be loved. 

Or, to do unto others as you wish to have done unto you.

It could even be to take life by the reins and hold on. It will be a bumpy ride, but a thrilling one to cherish.

Better yet, maybe its all of the above....

Whatever we are to learn from my precious birthday girl, she is doing a fine job of teaching me. And I am so happy and proud to be her mother. Always have been, always will be.



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