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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Believe me when I say, this Wednesday has certainly lived up to it's name thus far. And it's just the beginning!

Bryce decided he would run and "speed walk" through my upstairs from the time he got up, until the time he went outside to the bus stop. Gotta love the "hyper" in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)!

But at least this has been now three days with having a GOOD school morning. Praise God for that. Most days, it's fussing, fighting and like pulling teeth to get Bryce to get ready for school.

Plus Hayley is in so much trouble, it's not even funny. Yes, today is her birthday, but it does NOT mean she gets a repreave from punishment.

She is for the most part, great at doing and turning in her homework. Not for the last two weeks though, apparently. And I shockingly found that out yesterday as I was working the school's Book Fair yesterday.

No Math assignments have been completed, nor turned in, or studying been done for two whole weeks. Her Math teacher and I both got on her yesterday and have come up with a plan to ensure that the homework is being done.

Plus, until further notice, no after school TV, no computer time (at all) and she must complete her assignments in the dining room only, where I can see her.

This evening, Bryce has a Psychiatrist appointment. After that, I need to go get Hayley's birthday present. Then it's dinner at six o'clock at the Golden Corral Buffet Restaurant for her birthday party.

Now, can you see why I am thinking of doing a Wacky Wednesday post? It seems that that is the one day where I completely lose my ever-flippin' mind!


singedwingangel said...

Wow ful day for you hun.. I am getting doug back in therapy today have tohave him there at 1230 for a walk in happy happy joy joy

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Dang girl! We need to stop copying one another.

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