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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas. The Day After.

The stockings were hung. The cookies made and laid out. Presents wrapped and under the tree.

There was the trip to the Emergency Room...

Yep! You read it right. My family's Christmas was almost a complete bust. Bryce had to be taken in. His eyes were blood shot. He had no color, and goop coming out his eyes and nose.

Come to find out, he got an awesome gift! He received Pink Eye, a Sinus Infection, Imeptigo (contagious rash) on the end of his nose, and an Ear Infection.

We got home just in time for the kids to get nestled in their beds. Santa was able to come, with all of us fast asleep. He dropped off a couple of bikes (Bryce and Skyler), a Twighlight; New Moon board game (Hayley) and the stocking stuff.

The kids all got new bed sets. Mom got a Snuggie in pink from Bryce. So, my son helped to fund Breast Cancer Research. Dad got a new outfit. And that's just a few things to name off.

Between Santa, our family exchanging gifts, and at Grandma's, where extended family exchanged as well, these kids made out like bandits.

Even the kitty-kids (my three furry sons) got a couple of presents! From us, they received a new Crinkle Tunnel, and some Cat-Nip toys. From Grandma and Papa, they got some new jingle toys.

The aftermath is clear. Toys to be taken out of packaging. Beds to be made. Clothes to be hung or put in drawers. Garbage to be taken out. Gift bags and boxes to be folded and put away for next year.

Scott already built the play kitchen Santa brought Skyler. That was fun watching Dad put part AA in to part PP and DD in to LL. I know I'm a mean one (Mrs. Grinch as my Brother-In-Law kept callin me).

Here is to a hopefully happy, joyful, love-filled, family-filled Christmas that I hope you had all enjoyed this year. From my home, to yours.

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