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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Since You Left

Since the time you left, we still wonder what could have been

We wonder who you would take after, who you would more like be within

The years stroll by with barely a care

But in that time, within our hearts, you are still there

We miss you, we love you

Not too far off may you be

But deep down it seems that its eternity before we once again meet

So until that day, you stay safe and warm

For within Grandma's arms are you adorned

She has you for now until the day that we will finally meet face-to-face

Daddy and I had so many plans

But for now we just hold your heart in our hands

May you have joy this Christmas Season with the Savior that we celebrate

One day soon my dear, we too will meet you at the Pearly Gates

Then forever more, we shall rejoice together, with our Lord

*Dedicated to Michael Gregory C....May you be resting and playing with the other Angel Babies this Christmas Season*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I'm so thankful that all children go to heaven. Keeping you in my heart today :)

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