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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is the happiest time of the year...

So far, it is far from it as it so seems. At least for me and for my home.

My kids are sick. Well two of three are anyway.

My son has broken my cherished Snow Globe that my husband gave me from one of our first few Christmases together.

My husband is having to work extremely long hours during this week leading up to Christmas day at the store.

I'm losing my sanity by the minute it seems. As well as my well-talked-about patience as my husband always is amazed by the amount of it that I have.

Apparently, I have also "upset" some people in a group I'm a part of on FaceBook.

Plus, I am apparently using wrong 'terminology' when referring to a certain subject. Plus I'm apparently in the wrong for voicing MY opinions/views/thoughts on a subject in another of my blog pages.

Where will it end for me? It's obvious I'm doing NOTHING right this week. I can't say things correctly, I can't do things correctly. I can't have nice things that are MINE. I can't have a damn thing go right.

Screw you, Christmas week! Here is to a better one next year. Because this one is nowhere near jolly or merry.

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Neva said...

I'm not going to try to cheer you up ... I find that whenever I'm having a bad minute/hour/day the people who go overboard to try and make it better just end up pissing me off more. We all have days like this - just revel in yours and have abetter day tomorrow.

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