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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Puke, Barney and Cats

What a way to start off the day the right way! And it's a form of starting off the morning that I haven't done in quite some time.

How about we start with your child getting up at five in the morning, only to vomit all over your family area carpet as you blindly scramble to find a semi-clean towel and shove it under your daughter's face in the hopes that you catch at least most of it.

Only then, after throwing up the meal from the night before, do you clean up the remainder of her "morning gift" as you barely see out your good eye.

Finally! You drift back off to sleep, only to once again hear the sound of your five year old once again vomit. But she learned from the last time to actually puke in to the towel, not on her blanket or the rug.

Then, thirty minutes later, you raise up, thanks to the hubby turning on the loud shower at six-thirty only to find Barney the Dinosaur staring back at you from the television screen. OH THE HORROR that my eyes met!! Ugh! I can't stand that purple child molesting freak of nature. That image of his toothy grin is now etched deep in to my cerebral cortex.

On to the kitties who are not very innocent this morning. As I came in to the kitchen to start my morning coffee routine, I noticed what looked like black dirt on my kitchen floor. Nope!! Scott said it was the coffee grinds I threw away last night before washing my pot. Apparently, they decided to jump my garbage can and try to steal food from it.

Yes, people!! I do feed my fur-children. But they act like they are starved for weeks on end. The second that BOTH BOWLS are empty, they meow and cry as if they hadn't had a meal in a month of Sundays.

So, I filled the bowl of food, as well as dumped the nasty kitty litter box. As I did, Weebles (the youngest) decided he couldn't wait like a good boy, and peed in the corner where the box sits BEFORE I could sweep.

After all that was taken care of and their water container filled, all three cats filed in to the box at one time...Talk about a packed house! Two of the three decided to take a dump right after the freaking box was cleaned out and "refreshed" with all new litter in the pan. Needless to say, I once again scooped the freshly cleaned box as to get the stench out.

As of now, I'm letting both of the kids sleep as much as they want. I'm giving them medicines as needed. Being both have colds, they can take the same thing. But one may have to go to the doctor for an ear infection. And Skyler has managed to now not only puke on my rug, but has officially spilled drink as well.

Hayley will be home later today. I can only hope and pray that she isn't sick, and won't get sick! Bryce has yet to wake and cause me any grief...But it's coming!

Here is to my Puke-tastic, poop-tastic day in Stay-At-Home-Mom Land!!


Marty Duane said...

Sounds like an awful morning! Hope it gets better!!! :( Thanks for posting the link on Authentic Blogger!

Sharon Cohen said...

A morning like yours makes me grateful for the sleepless night like mine. I feel much better, now, by comparision. Sorry to capitalize at your expense, just know that your morning has brightened my day.

"I can't stand that purple child molesting freak of nature." I'm guessing that your definition of Barney will have me in private giggles throughout the day.

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