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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crap! Crafty Mama I am not!! (CONTEST TIME!!....Join in the fun.)

Well, I wasn't planning on writing anymore today on here. But that was until I got an Email from the local Head Director of Children's Miracle Network ( this morning.

It took a while, but the guy finally wrote me back. As some of my readers know, my start in this life was a bumpy one, to say the least. I had been given twentyfour to fourtyeight hours to live after birth by the so-called "experts" of the medical field.

That was thirtythree (will be on the 18th!) years ago.

Since I was a teenager, I have supported CMN monetarily and by word-of-mouth due to what they did for my parents and I during those tummulous first three years of my life.

After asking the director of the local chapter on how to raise funds through my children's school, he answered back with some snazzy ideas. Mostly 'crafty' ones (like snowflakes for Chistmas time), as well as a couple of non-crafty (thank God!) ideas like a money jar at the front office.

Now, being that I am the least crafty mom the face of the planet we call Earth, I really would LOOOOOOOOVE some ideas for the kids to have fun, raise money for an awesome cause, and how to make it all worth their while and effort.

Now, I will make it worth YOUR while to help me!.... If you win this little contest of mine, and have the BEST idea for raising CMN funds to help sick kids and CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS, then YOUR BLOG will be featured in MY blog, as will your profile information and I will add your BLOG BUTTON (if you have one) to my list of 'go to' pages.

The Judge for this contest will be my good friend, Angel (! She will pick the winner on Wednesday, December 9,2009.

**Dress Down Day is NOT an option, being my kids are in a UNIFORM DRESS CODE school**

Thanks VERY much in advance for EVERYONE's ideas! Good luck to all that 'participate'.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

How about an off a day as the principle, vice principle, etc... They do that at my kids school along with a carnival, and the kids LOVE it. They love to make it a no homework day and a free dress day.

maya said...

You need to ask your hairdresser for this one but we did a red cross cut-a-thon once discounted haircuts and all the proceeds went to charity. Most of the stylists even donated all of their tips.

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