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Sunday, December 6, 2009

If you got a headache & you know it, raise your hand....

And that was to the tune of  "If you're happy and you know it..". There is one tiny flaw here though.

I'm NOT happy. And I know it. Ugh!!!

Bryce decided to wake up claiming he was 'starving'. I made him wait at least another thirty minutes, which was to his dismay. Why? Because the child woken me up at a quarter to seven this morning.

Finally, as I was not hurrying fast enough to him, Bryce decided to get more aggitated. I asked him if he has eaten only once this week. He said no, that he ate a lot. So, I told him he isn't starving then, being he LUCKILY doesn't know the true meaning of that word.

Unlike those children in deprived countries, such as Africa.

They know starvation. They know what it's like to go a week or more without food, and even water. Let alone a plumbing system.

Then, Bryce proceeded after breakfast to touch breakables and other decorations that were set out last night by Scott.

Yes, he had his morning medicine for the ADHD. But!!! He is so insanely hyper I just want to push his butt in to a chair and strap him in to the damn thing with Duct Tape and gag him to shut him up.

Thanks to him, I have a stress headache. And it's even building the pressure in to my recovering eye. I can feel the pressure and pounding. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my son, and my girls. And the doctor said I need to lower my stress, so that said pressure doesn't build up behind my eye. But geeeez! 

There is no way in hell (unless it was to freeze over, which will NEVER happen) that my stress level can decrease. Not when my kids decide to fuss, fight, bicker and cause an obscene amount of stress from not doing as told, hyperactivity and not staying out of crap.


singedwingangel said...

sorryyour having such a rough day hun. I am right there with ya.. I have spent all week helpingm om get her stuff done for company and my hous is falling in around me . While my kids and husband sleep and play games and add to the mess and God forbid I ask for any help at all.. LIke right now he is lost ina tv show while I sit here nad cry knowing that if the house is goingt o get cleaned I have to do it..

Vicky said...

Been there. Right now I am trying not to scream! I am doing laundry and had to clear a path in the kids rooms just to get to their closets to get hangers!! God forbid they actually DO anything for themselves. Oh and the man and boy are still sleeping of course and the house is falling down around them. *sigh* Let's all go on strike!!!

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