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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dreams DO come true! See why I know that they do.

Your dreams CAN come true! No matter what they are. Big or small. Realistic or not.

Since I was a child, my parents, myself, and others were told that I would NEVER have biological children of my own. It would come down to adopting for me. Two things were stacked against me.

One, my birth defects and ongoing affects from said problems. My body, especially the lungs would never have been able to withstand the affects pregnancy has on a body.

Two, my Ovarian Cystitis that has plauged me since teenhood. My ovaries, primarily the left, have been so ravaged and scarred, I would have been lucky to get pregnant, let alone carry to term.

With the thought of life without having children of my own, and coming to terms with those facts, I had gotten married to my first husband, who knew the odds.

Not quite a year in to the marrriage, I was pregnant. But I had an Ectopic within my ovary. So, we had to abort. It was an extremely depressing time for me.

But, an exact year later, the impossible became MY possible. I had carried and delievered a HEALTHY baby girl, who I named Hayley.

Sadly, my now ex husband and I seperated when Hayley was shy of five months old. I wasn't about to let her see the abuse that was then occuring in my home. And I met and fell in love with my current husband by then.

Before Scott and I married, we had Bryce, who is now eight years old. Both he and his big sister were able to take part in our wedding when Bryce was almost two years old.

Tragedy struck again in 2003 when I was pregnant with my third child (Scott's second), when we lost our son (I knew it was a boy in my heart) that we named Michael in the 16th week of pregnancy. Again, I was so devasted, that I crawled in to a deep hole and burried myself deeply within my grief.

But once again, the stars were written in my favor and we found out in 2004 that once again we were expecting. And this time, we gave birth (more like *I* did) to a beautiful, lively, and healthy baby girl we named Skyler.

See? this alone proves that DREAMS, no matter how big or small, realistic or not, can and DO come true! They did for me. Not once. Not twice. But three times over.

So, hold tight to YOUR dreams. Make them come true. Don't rush it though. Dreams have a way of finding their perfect timing to fulfill themselves.

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