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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lil Miss Independent

Mile Stones. As parents, we all look for them around every corner. We get excited with their first words, their first steps, their first day of school. Then comes having their first kiss, and their first time behind the wheel of a car.

During all of those major points of "firsts" in their lives, you sit back and wonder where time had flown past to. The first child in a multi-child household leaves you the most at awe. Being that everything your child is experiencing as their journey is fresh and new, so is watching him or her doing it, being that your journey as a parent is also fresh and new (and that NEVER changes as time goes on).

In my home, there are three children. My oldest, Hayley is ten years old. My middle, Bryce is eight. And the youngest, Skyler is five years old. All of them have very different and unique personalities. And each of them are more "close" to me and my husband, Scott than the others. In fact I have a "mix" when it comes to that matter.

Bryce is a "Mama's Boy" all the way. Skyler, being the baby is "Daddy's Girl". And depending on the situation and what she wants, Hayley can go either way.

Back to childrens' independence. As I said, the first child is hard to watch accomplish those huge "life goals". But, so is watching the "baby" of the family. If not a bit harder than the first, or even the second (or more, depending on the number of kids in your home). But like everything else, it is a part of life. And they must learn to do things on their own, and to communicate to let us know their needs, to walk so that they can at some point get from A to B on their own (like walking to school).

Yes, it is Saturday. At least that is what I am thinking. Skyler has decided that she will pack lunch for SCHOOL today, to have it ready for school on Tuesday (no school Monday due to MLK Day). I had asked if she needed help....Her reply?

Nope! She is a "big girl" and can do it herself. And she made sure I knew this fact. True, it's more like some bagged snacks, not a real lunch (which Mama will fix up right on Tuesday morning). After already seeing her take her first steps, speaking her first word, going potty on her own, and even going off to school for the first time, I think that THIS MOMENT has actually "hurt" the most. Why?

Because not once did she need me to help her in ANY way. Not to get any of the foods for her. Not to help her open the sandwich baggie to place the foods in, or even seal the bags. And she placed everything in her lunchbox on her own.

Now, as of today, my Skyler-Boo is officially being deemed "Lil Miss Independent". And I couldn't be more proud. Because this is exactly what I am aiming for with all three of my kids. To be independent, honest, caring individuals. And so far, they have all proven (for the most part) to be such children.

Being independent is a key ingredient for a child. One day, they will have to be on their own. So, we must teach them now so that when they are grown individuals out in society, they will have the needed tools to thrive.


Unknown said...

Ahh I so feel ya on this one.. but at points the boys still need mom lol, like when they are sick I am their best friend..

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Timberwolf123 said...

Each marker of child is forever a piece of you. The hardest one for me was my eldest daughter getting married this year. It was a wonderful event but she lives in the UK now & doesn't need her "daddy" as much anymore. It was a joy to walk her down the aisle & it's something I'll never forget....yes they grow up to fast & sometimes we don't even realize the amount of time that has passed. Enjoy each moment & love always.



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