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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's finally coming full circle!...I get to go back to "work" at the school. *STOKED!*

Today is another milestone reached. It may not be a "big thing" to most people. But when you have had to stay cooped up for one, thanks to Old Man Winter taking its toll, then dealing with medical issues that limit you in some ways, it makes for kind of a crappy and dull life.

Until today, that is!

This morning, I'll be returning to a 'job" that I absolutely love. VOLUNTEERING! I will be starting with a bang at that. This is 'Book Fair Week", and I'm staying all day, every day this week to help out.

I've missed "my kids" and being in the classrooms. I miss the interaction with students and staff alike. I miss feeling accomplishment.

Today, I am getting all that and some more back. My independence, as well as my "life after trauma". It's so nice to be even more "normal" like the rest of the world again. I can do more of what I've been limited for MONTHS from being able to do, thanks to my eye.

I've started to reclaim my old life as I add new chapters of perseverance and goal setting. It all started in January of this year with....COLORING MY HAIR. That was my first real taste of freedom (along with using actual face wash the month earlier).

You honestly do NOT know how good you have it, especially with the "simple/small things" in your life until they are suddenly stripped from you.

So, here is to a wonderful day, as well as a blessed-filled week ahead! Have a great one my friends.


Timberwolf123 said...

Congrats Melissa on getting back to your more "normal" life. I wish you well with returning to school.



Beth Chapman said...

Doing the penguin dance again! Happy feet happy feet! Keep it up and savor each moment!

Lena said...

Congratulations on being back :)
Wishing you many many more chapters of life with simple joys and some independence and freedom for yourself.

Good luck with everything :)

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