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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Copy of letter to DONATE LIFE AMERICA re: my story of being a Cornea Recipient

For much of my adult life, I have been battling what I thought to be "teen acne". That was until the morning of October 21,2009. That's when I perforated my Cornea after poking it with my finger knuckle as I scratched an itch on my eyebrow, and my finger slipped.

On October 24th, I was sent to Duke University Medical Center and learned that I in fact had the skin condition, Rosacea. This is called Ocular Rosacea. It was in my eyes as well. And as a result, the Cornea thinned with each flare-up.

On October 29th, I was rushed back to Duke for an emergency Corneal Transplant. The Gluing procedure that was used to wait out the infection didn't work.

Thanks to my Donor, their courageous gift, and his/her family, I was able to regain my sight. At least a tiny bit. It's going to take a great amount of time (about a year or so) for all of my vision to return.

But this married, Stay-At-Home Mom of three children (ages 10 years to 5 years) is forever grateful to the doctors, her Donor, Donor Family and the North Carolina Eye Bank for the gift of sight. Without them and my family's support, I very well could be blind for the rest of my life (or even without an actual eye).

That Cornea Donation saved my Cornea, the eye it's self, and my life as I've come to "know" it.

Please give to others. Be a Donor and give someone the chance at a better, healthier, and happier life.

I myself am an Organ/Tissue/Eye Donor. If you are going to "take", it's always a good thing to also "give".

Melissa, State of Virginia

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Bluedolphingirl01 said...

i thought your story was very inspiring. My brothers eyes were the only organ they could not donate, he had a condition where the eyes would pull inward when tired or reading due to his celebral palsy.
He was never really sick a day in his life but he had filled his donor card a month before his accident.
May God bless you each day.

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