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Friday, March 12, 2010

Looking Up! (Update re: Cornea/Eye Appointment today)

Well, for the first time since my initial Corneal Transplant Surgery, something has finally gone RIGHT!

After looking at the eye and getting a good peek in to the back of it (for the first time), I got the all clear. My rejection REVERSED!!!!

For three tedious and daunting weeks, my Pred-Forte and I once again became closer friends than I care to admit to. Now I'm back down to four times a day on that, my Doxycycline (oral) medicine twice a day, and my lubricant drops as needed (usually no more than three times in a day).

What an improvement in just three weeks! And even better news?....

Even though he couldn't do it this time, being that I am just now getting out of rejection, I'm looking forward to finally getting SOME of the 15 stitches removed at next month's visit. He said that it's chancing it now to start removal. But when he does, it will be between 3 and 5 of them getting cut out.

If you are interested in this topic, please feel free to leave me QUESTIONS HERE in the comments area. I will try my best to answer them or at least find the info and their locations and work it all in to a separate post on the topic of Corneal Transplantation.

With my stitches loosening, it is now making the Cornea round like it should be, not flat like a table top. My peripheral vision is now back, thanks to the Cornea not being so tight against my pupil. The biggest nuisance now is the fact that my upper eyelid "sticks" to my eyeball. When it tries to "peel off", the air that got trapped releases and my eye "pops". It doesn't hurt. Just feels REALLY weird.

But at least now I can look UP! 


Unknown said...

OUCH and EWWW just the thought makes me all squeamish but happy dancing for the good news..

Dave said...

Glad things are looking up a bit! I'm pulling for you.

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