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Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm about to hit 100!

No, not in my age, you goofball! Although, at times, it certainly feels like I am climbing the Age Ladder quicker than I would care to. Having bad knees that look like I have eggs in place of cartilage, a bad back that's seen more needles than a needle cushion, hip joints that crack more than Rice Crispies and a head that likes to get migraines as big as a Hiroshima bomb blast, it's a wonder people still think I'm a teenager that is BABYSITTING my three kids. That's a whole other story for another time.

I've been posting here on Blogger for some time now. And since starting, I have had a total of (now) five blogs. But, I have cut down to two. This main one will be for pretty much everything I wish to talk about. But, I also have my latest (and last) creation, ParanorMel is a blog about my views and thoughts, beliefs, as well as my experiences with the Paranormal. Mainly hauntings and ghosts/spirits. Feel free to check it out! I even have a Facebook Fan Page,!/pages/ParanorMel/121130397908207 for ParanorMel.

But, here is another bonus, if you are a Facebook member! I also have a Fan Page for THIS blog as well. Lemme guess. You want the link, huh? Here it is!!/pages/The-Not-Always-Happy-Homemaker-Diary/107802929255760.

Okay, now as for my upcoming 100th post for 'The (Not Always) Happy Homemaker Diary... I'm thinking of taking and posting a couple of links to pasts posts, that I feel was some of my best work. And maybe even show case a few picture. Plus, add in some links to my FAVORITE bloggers here at BlogSpot that I follow. Ya know, just make it a fun, blow-out bash kind of post that has a bit of everything in it.

My blogging on this site started back in November of last year. And between ALL my blogs, I have written probably closer to 200 posts, combined. But my main 'love' is THIS page right here. And this is the one that I plan on using the most. So, join me in celebrating 100 posts here at TNAHHD. Be on the lookout! You never know when my 100th entry will show up!

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