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Friday, June 4, 2010

CDC, recalls, and kids. When did we as a society stop REALLY living?

I would be the first to admit it to you. I have not lead the most pristene, clean, upstanding, "perfect" life in this old world of ours. I have screwed up COUNTLESS time in my thirty-three years of living on this rocky, round land.

And for the most part, I live it without regret. And (again for the most part) I don't try to look back. Only ahead. What more can a person really and honestly do?

Over on Facebook, I belong to a Fan Page for the local news channel that I used to watch when I lived in Nevada ( One of today's topics is in regards to the McDonald's 'Shrek'-themed glasses being recalled, due to SUPPOSEDLY having too much Cadmium.

Can someone please tell me when the CDC, the Federal Government, Congress and other branches of Legislation forced kids to stop from being KIDS?

Because when I was little, I had the glasses that were sold/passed out with my Happy Meals of the Disney characters. I had drank water from my parent's garden hose. I ate glue. Hell, I even tried to eat a worm once, as I pretended that it was a piece of 'spaghetti'. I skated and rode my bike without a helmet and knee pads (which I DO wish we DID have back then). I even ate Silly Putty and took big old whiffs of the stuff (because it oddly smelled good to me).

What's the whole point of the list above? To show that as a child I LIVED. I had FUN. And guess what? I came out no worse for ware. I'm alive and kicking. I felt the JOY, as well as the FUN, and the RUSH of being uninhibited and LIVING.

Today, it's all about mass recalls, don't drink the tap water, don't eat non-organic foods, that Soy milk will be healthier than Cow's milk.

So tell me, when did we stop living? Kids today are so tied down with Nintendo, Internet, crappy T.V. shows (that are WAAAAY more volatile in nature, then back in my day). They are no longer going outside in the yard to play.

This is why I *make* my kids play outside every chance I can get. They are limited on T.V., computer and Nintendo time. They have to play or be reading for the majority of the day.

Yes, my kids do get *most* of the CDC recommended shots. I have only said no to one or two types that I will flat-out refuse to let ANY of them have. But other than that, I let my kids enjoy life like I did back when I was a child.

They drink from the water hose outside. They play in the dirt and mud. They dig up worms and on occasion have made mud pies with the worms as "topping". And they do MANY other things that I did as a kid, growing up. Because I let them LIVE, as well as ENJOY their childhood, while they have the chance.

My mom died at the age of 43 from complications of a massive Stroke. She (had) and my father have Type 2 Diabetes. There is heart disease in my family. I have been a life-long asthmatic, due to BIRTH-RELATED complications/birth defects. I was to NOT be alive after the first 24-48 hours after my birth. I had to LIVE in the hospitals for (almost) the first 3 years of my life. I am a recent Corneal Transplant Recipient. How much more 'first-hand experience' am I supposed to have?

So, for the CDC to recall things left and right for practically EVERY single thing is getting (in MY opinion) highly ridiculous and asinine. Especially with it being primarily all CHILDREN'S toys, clothing and food geared towards kids. And because of CDC's warnings, recalls, (constantly) 'updated' warnings to the AMA Boards, kids have been BANNED (yes, I said 'banned') from being typical children.

I feel sorry for my children, and for the world's children of today, and will continue to do so for the future generations, including (God willing) grandchildren. They are, and will be tied down by so many "what if's", 'recalls', warnings and Government-geared 'scare tactics', that we may as well just let the world blow up right now or all commit suicide. Because we can't let people LIVE and better yet, not ENJOY life. There are too many bad POSSIBILITIES out there that might kill us.

Like I stated on the KOLO News page to a fellow commentator, no one ever said ANY of us were going to live perfectly. But LIVE it (life), because it's the only one you have.


shoregirl419 said...

Amen sister!!

Dave said...

Damn, Shoregirl419 stole my comment. LOL

I know so many of the things that we used to love to do, what made being a kid awesome, aren't allowed any more.

It's really sad.

Knitman said...

I don't have children but I recall mine, and though it had horrendous happenings, I do remember PLAY. I get the strong impression children no longer play like that. It is sad the world we have created for our children. i say 'our' because I think ALL adults have a duty to protect and to enable children to grow. They are the future, and OUR future.

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