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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Extreme Blog Makeover....Thanks to Angel and to Tamara.

First off, I need to thank my sweet friend, Angel over at Angel Believes ( She had apparently won a contest that gave her a new blog button and header from Tamara (Cheapskatemom over at And knowing she was already getting a set up from someone else, she decided to let me have the new blog button and header.

After Tamara and I had communicated (A LOT), she got to work. Not only did I get fitted with a new header and Blog Button, but a COMPLETE overhaul. Button, header, a feed, a counter and a whole new overall look (background and all). She decided that with the color schemes, and the way I was already set up, along with what I lacked (and really wanted, but didn't know how to get them), that she would entirely redo my page for me.

I've gone semi-retro, brighter and with more attractive colors, a "happy" looking header that is inviting (as is the blog button). And at the bottom of the posts, it says, "__ People Have Made Me Happy".


Tamara is a true artist when it comes to blog page set-ups. She has a true gift. And I cannot thank her, or Angel enough for the opportunity to receive such a BEAUTIFUL page.,,,Again, thank you to BOTH LADIES! A million to infinity times over.


Unknown said...

Woot woot LOVE it.. I lvoe you enough to tell you the black with white text was hard on my eyes lol. This is so YOU.. She did AWESOME..

Tamara Dawn said...

SO glad you love it! I love coming over here! It is so cheery =)

Angel is a kind soul. I am glad she was nice enough to share her gifts and we were able to meet!

If you have any questions or need anything else just let me know!

Hollis Fam said...

It looks great sis!! Love the colors.

Unknown said...

Looks good!! Hope you day is going well... XoXoXo

Love & HUGE (((HUGS))), headed your way!! <3

Robin said...

Love your new look. I, too, have had a terrible navigating blogger in terms of "decoration." I have found other sites much easier. So happy for you that you found help and got yours to match your personality!

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