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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pride...The seemingly IMPOSSIBLE became POSSIBLE.

As many of my readers know, my son has not had it easy. He has had to persevere over some huge hurdles, bumps and stub his toe here and there along his way in what we call 'life'.

This school year, he has been in the Third Grade. And because of that, Bryce had to take his very first SOL testing this year. The four primary subjects were covered. Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Science.

SOL stands for the Standards Of Learning test, that is Federally mandated for all PUBLIC schools, starting with third grade students to take. It shows their aptitude, their ability of general knowledge, and basis the individual school's Federal Grant money and accreditation.

On top of all of that, my oldest Hayley, who is getting ready to move on to the Fifth Grade, also had her second year of SOL Testing. I have yet to receive their scores. Most likely today, being it is the last day of school, and the scores are with the report cards.

Knowing both of my children's strengths and weaknesses, I can pretty much peg which ones that they did very well on. I know that both of them had passed ALL required SOL's. And I know that because they each were awarded a Hummer Limo ride (where *I* even rode with Hayley).

Hayley is very in tune with Social Studies, so I am quite sure that she is somewhere in the 550 range. Same with the Reading portion of the tests.

Bryce on the other hand, would have the scores mainly in Reading and in Science. He is very interested in Scientific methods, astronomy, animal biology, and how the world spins around (in general).

Yesterday, both of them had their last End-Of-6-Weeks Awards, plus the End-Of-The-Year awards. After seeing Bryce make the A/B Honor Roll for the last 6-week-period, and after seeing him gain other awards, one new award was added for the Third Grade Class this year, pertaining to the SOL's. Being that it is those student's first time, not knowing what to expect, certain students were awarded and recognized for a PERFECT score of the highest possible number...600 on any given subject area. It could have been in one area, or in all four.

Bryce's teacher went last with her portion of the awards for Grade Three, being it was all done by alphabetical order within each grade area. As I sat there, listening, I heard one or two subjects called out before the one. If no one had gotten a perfect 600 in a subject, it was skipped.

Then, the teacher says, "In Science, we have ONE perfect score in the subject of Science. That 600 goes to...BRYCE C.!!". At first I honestly could NOT believe that I just heard my son's name being called for a PERFECT score of a 600 in Science. I can guarantee that I must have stood there, with my jaw dropped and a look of pure shock on my face.

After all was said and done, I went to the Principal's office and just sat there and cried. The shock wore off. And right then, I realized that all the struggling, all of the battling, all of the HARD work from both myself and Bryce himself were showing in a HUGE way, that it has all paid off. And it has shown me that I had indeed picked the right teacher for the job of teaching him this year.

She has been NOTHING short of kind, cooperative, caring, patient and had a wonderful willingness to work with Bryce, and with us (or his doctors). She is of a (now) rare breed of teachers. She CARES about the kids that she is teaching. She CARES about the parents. She most of all, LOVES those kids, and what she does. You don't find many like that anymore.

Both his teacher and I have NOT had the easiest year when it came to Bryce. We both struggled and did the best we could. But ultimately, it was up to him in the end, as to succeeding or not. And with the two of us working together, we pulled off a miracle...

My baby got top honors in a subject no other 3rd Grade Student pulled it off. That alone speaks for its self.


singedwingangel said...

How awesome wooot woot go Bryce ...

shoregirl419 said...

Way to go Bryce!!

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pr0udmom0f3 said...

Anon, without trying to be rude, please do NOT use my blog as your "advertisement area".

Plus not putting a name to your post shows me you are apparently a spammer. I do NOT wish to have spam on my pages.

Otherwise, thank you for the compliment.

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