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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I found a new home! Moms of TWEENS and of TEENS unite.

I have been with the site for now almost four months now. It's okay. Not as spiffy as FaceBook (or even CafeMom). But it's cute. And it's not just for *any* mom. It's for those of us going gray and bald (some of us at the SAME TIME!) due to having 'tweens' or teens.

It's aptly named Momster. And believe me, some of us can (and usually do) live up to the name! There are days where you just can't win the battle of Teenhood and you turn in to the Momster, which of course, your teen or 'tween' conveniently points out.

There, you can start or join groups, blogs, and discussions. You have your own profile page where the ONLY thing I have noted, is that you CANNOT post *current* updates like you can at FaceBook, or at CafeMom. Otherwise it is a nice site.

And *most* mothers on Momster seem to be of the more mature sect. Not the teen know-it-all's, first time moms with little babies (though some DO have younger kids, plus a teen/tween, like myself). There seems to be MUCH less distention on the forums there.

So MOTHERS of tweens and teens, if this sounds like the site to you, that you wish to join and commiserate with other moms like you, then feel free to FOLLOW ME over to MOMSTER.COM and see what it's all about. Hope to see you there...

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