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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm uber special. I can PROVE it!

Well, sort of. Seeing as only my friends can mainly see my profile.

But I have a certain celebrity now as a friend. And HE even wrote me back! I like the "stars" that actually take time to talk to their fans.

Let's see. He resides in New York. Has brown hair, brown eyes and has that look of pure "come hither" look, along with a smooth, deep voice.

Oh, and he does commercials! And sings, too.

What kinds of commercials, you ask? Take a look....

Now do you recognize him?? That is Michael McGlone in the first part of the Geico Commercial asking if the drill sergeant would make a good therapist.

He also sings! See for yourself...

Of course he is no Nicolas Cage, or a Brad Pitt. But I certainly won't complain.

Although, I must share this spotlight with one of my FaceBook BFF's, Lydia. If it came down to it, I bet we would mud wrestle over the guy. (=

Seriously though, Mr. McGlone seems to be a very nice, suave, down-to-earth gentleman. I'm happy to have him as a friend.

Oh and thanks Lydia! HE was the one to send ME the friends request. You must have really sucked up to the guy, huh? lol... Love ya, GF!

1 comment:

Lydia said...

Wow!! I LOVE IT!! You see what I mean... He is Such a NICE person, I LOVE that he makes time to actually STOP & write us regular folk(s). I fell in LOVE w/ Mike McGlone when I saw him in one of my FAVORITE movies, "The Brothers McMullen" w/ Ed Burns. & his song "HERO" is also a FAVORITE of mine... It's TRULY a BEAUTIFUL song. Oh, & let's NOT forget those piercing eyes, but ESPECIALLY the VOICE.
(He's w/ out a doubt, a STELLAR Man, & Person) And, I'm HONORED to have him as a Friend. (FB & Youtube)
So, go ahead & BRAG on, my Friend... He's something to BRAG about, in my eyes/book.
Love ya GF!! Lydia

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