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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Teens and Young Adults.... See what can REALLY happen behind the wheel of a car.

Driving is a privilege. It is *not* a right. And you are handling a possibly deadly weapon. And it *can* cause mass destruction. In your life, the lives of your passengers, your victim(s), and their family.

Your eyes NEED TO BE on the road at all times. Not dialing a cell number. Not texting or reading a text from a buddy. Not looking down on the floor for the CD.

Both young, new drivers (16 year-olds) and their elderly counterparts make up for the most accidents with a vehicle in the United States.

I'm urging my readers and their teen kids (even those almost getting their license or Learner's Permits) RIGHT NOW to scroll down and WATCH the video.

WARNING!! This video is VERY graphic, but also VERY accurate. It will quite possibly make you feel ill, make you cry, or even hyperventilate.

Maybe that's what MANY teen drivers need...Shock and seeing what REAL LIFE is like during a vehicle accident.

Unsafe Driving... - The top video clips of the week are here

Thank you to all that had watched this very poignant video. Please parents, I URGE YOU to PLEASE talk with your teenagers and young adult children about the repercussions of UNSAFE driving practices. You may save your child's life, and at least one other life in the world by doing so.


dot said...


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This should be mandatory when getting your license as well as renewing!

I see as many so called adults texting or on the phone. I don't care what you say you can't multi task when driving because driving is multi tasking alone. You need to drive, look everywhere and be aware. Isn't that enough to do?

Great usual. :-)

Neva said...

Sorry ... Had to stop it about a 1/4 way through ... My son will definitely watch this when he starts driving ... In Idaho you can get a daytime license when you're 15 and so many of these kids are simply NOT responsible enough to be driving ... Thanks for the post.

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