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Monday, August 9, 2010

Are you on FaceBook? Come see me here!

I've got many interests. It seems like at least one for every letter of the alphabet. *I wonder now how many of you started reciting your ABC's and put an interest with each letter...hehe.*

I now run two groups that I had started. And I own a couple of Fan/Like Pages for both this blog, and my ParanorMel blog, as well.

If you are a member of FaceBook, feel free to check out the following places that I hang out in when I'm not playing Cafe World (for Skyler!), posting videos to my wall, or looking in on my peeps.

The first one up is a place for the ladies ONLY! Sorry guys, you are barred from this room. And if we catch you, you get thrown out like a drunk in speedos at the nightclub.

The Ladies Room is a place for the ladies (married, divorced, single..we take them all!) to just chat, share recipes, vent, get or give advice and talk about much more...Relationships, raising kids, marriage, home-based topics. Even gab about current events, top news topics, celebrities, and entertainment.

This is a group for WOMEN only!! And all members MUST be 18 years of age, or older to be a part of the group. No exceptions! If you are found out to be a minor, or a male member, you WILL be removed, as well as BANNED from The Ladies Room. << Told ya we were harsh!

I Support Parents With SILENTLY Disabled Children is a group for Mothers, Fathers, Foster Parents or Legal Guardians of a child that is disabled by "SILENT" disabilities, such as any Mental Disorder/Illness/Disability, a physical handicap that isn't necessarily "visible" on the outside (like Lupus) or another type of "silent" disability... Get support, advice and be able to vent in a SAFE HAVEN where other caregivers/parents as yourself will "get you".

Parents/families with Non-Disabled children who may also like to learn more about Silent Disabilities, and/or wish to GIVE SUPPORT/ADVOCATE for children with SILENT disabilities and their parents, may join as well!

As for the Fan Pages, first up is The (Not Always) Happy Homemaker Diary page. Inside, you can get links to the most current, as well as past blog posts for the blog. It's an interactive area where you can post discussions, talk about the posts and much more.

And last, but most certainly not least, is the Fan Page over at FaceBook for my secondary blog, ParanorMel. Where, again, you can find the latest, as well as past blog post links. You can talk about YOUR experiences with the paranormal, post pictures, open topics on the Discussions tab and do so much more.

That seems to be all for this "plug post", today. I hope to see you come over and stop by. Join in the fun at one of, or better yet, all of these great, fun, supportive, and interactive places! 

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