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Monday, August 16, 2010

Cell Phones In School. Should The Ban Be Lifted?

I think for today's post, being that it is nearing that time of the year once more, I shall touch on a subject that could become a hot button topic of debate.

Cell phone usage in schools by students.

Our city school system is thinking of lifting the ban on students from carrying cell phones on their person, while on the school's grounds.

Read about LIFTING BAN ON CELLS here.

Personally, I think that the ban SHOULD be lifted. Superintendent, Dr. McKendrick is correct, as is Heritage High's Principal. There are too many students in today's world that carry cell phones. And it can be quite time consuming to pull each offender in to the Principal's office and confiscate the phones. They average 15 to 20 per day!

Time could be much more well-spent on other areas of running the schools. Like on bullying, creating a positive learning environment, and ensuring everyone's safety. As well as ensuring that the students are getting everything that they can from their classes.

Personally, I have no problems with High School, or even Middle (Junior) High School students carrying cell phones on their person. As long as the usage is before school starts, during lunch break, and after school's last bell rings.

If the student is caught using the phone (via texting or talking) while switching classes, during class, or any other time not deemed appropriate (say during a field trip), then confiscate the item until after school for the remainder of that day.

Then, if a secondary offense occurs with the phone, then confiscate to the parent. If a third offense with the phone happens, then I feel that the school has a right to confiscate and keep the phone until the end of the school year.

We live in a high-tech age more so now than ever before. Our children are using things that were mere dreams when our parents, and even we were growing up in our generation.

Computers for the home didn't even come out until the 1980's. Then, came the message recorder for phones, cordless phones, CD Players, and then, in the early to mid 1990's, finally came the first cell phone. And that has gotten smaller, sleeker, and more 'hide-able' since it's inception in to our world of communication options.

So, with that said, what are YOUR thoughts about kids in High School (or even Middle School) carrying Cell Phones in their backpacks, along with their books and pencils? Yay or nay? Why so?


Unknown said...

Mine takes his, he knows it can only be used on breaks and before nad after school or lunch... I also know several parents who are ill and the cell phone is the way of reachign their child when the school is about useless on delivering messages

Margaret said...

I don't have a problem with them having them but I have a issue when they use them all day by texting or talking on them. I think they should be allowed to keep them in their lockers or back pack but if the teacher hears it then it gets to be taken away for the day.

Stephanie said...

My daughter is in Junior high. I allow her to take her phone to school but she knows that it is to be kept in her backpack and can only be used before and after school. Now, that being said, I'm not stupid, I know that she has probably not left it in her backpack, I know she has probably used it at school, I know her friends have probably done the same, I (and my daughter) also know that is she gets caught with it when she is not supposed to have it and I have to make a trip up to the school to get it then it is mine and I may as well cut both of her arms off, for she will surely doe without her phone! (PRE-TEENS CAN BE SO DRAMATIC!) I think in today's society the schools have to do what is right for their individual schools. If it is clearly becoming a school wide concern and more time is being spent on disciplining cell phone use than on learning then they should be banned. If on the other hand our children learn to be responsible with phones and follow the rules then let them have them.

Aunt Crazy said...

I think they should be allowed to have them on their person but turned OFF during class time. The hallways, bathrooms, lunch time, before, and after school should not matter. Our schools take them away just for having them and charge $15 to get them back and ONLY a parent can retrieve them from the office, during school hours, which are when parents are at work. RIDICULOUS! Teachers will not allow students to use the phone, the office gives them the third degree, and there is not a single pay phone on any campus. Practices run late or have no definitive end time, which means if a student followed the rules and left their phone at home, a parent would be forced to sit at practice for an indefinite amount of time, just waiting. In this day and age, it is common sense to update the rules that were made a decade or more ago.

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