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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So This Stay-At-Home-Mom Isn't Perfect...

As a married mother of three kids that stays home as a "Homemaker" (honestly, I never got a Contractor's License so I cannot build homes, but oh well) I am in charge of overseeing all the operations of the home. I'm also a waitress at mealtimes.

I'm a cook (though not a very good one). I'm a maid (also not the best in the world, but I do try, seeing as I DO have THREE kids). I'm an accountant (though I suck at math). I'm a Secretary (who has to jot down names, numbers, and pay the bills and fight with the bank now and then).

I'm the dish washer and the seamstress (that doesn't sew, but can do a mean job of throwing laundry in the washer/dryer and fold it...but not big on putting it away). I'm an Assistant Teacher who helps their kids (the best I can) with their homework (having Advanced/Gifted Student children DOES NOT help).

In between all of that, I am also a wife, a lover, a best friend, a companion to my husband.

Also, I volunteer at the school as much as I can. But also with the Winter setting in, and being that I don't drive, that five-minute walk in severe cold (basically anything under 45 degrees for me) can be costly )financially and health-wise), that soon will take a back seat for a while.

And also, I am to be the Schedule Keeper. I make the appointments, see that we go to the appointments and try my best to juggle appointment times around everyone else's (hubby's work and kids' school) schedules. Last night, I failed. Ooopsies!!

It honestly slipped my mind about Bryce's appointment with his Psychiatrist. He sees him basically monthly for a medicine check and to see how school and family/social life are going, and see what modifications need changing or added.

Thankfully Bryce said that I needed to get Daddy up because he has to see Dr. K (only providing initial for privacy issues) at 5:00. As I looked at the clock, it was 4:23. I sprang in to action and started yelling "SOCKS AND SHOES...NOW!". And I had to scare Scott awake by almost pouncing on him like one of my cats to tell him to get up NOOOOOW.

Just think, it was a smooth-running Monday morning (for once, which is rare) for getting ready for school. Then this old Mom went and wrecked the rest of the afternoon (hence not making home-made tacos) thanks to her brain having a short.

Let this post make you see that while I know (yes, by experience) that being a Working Mom is no cake walk in the park, I can honestly say, being a Stay-At-Home Mom isn't all it's cracked up to be either.


Fijufic said...

You have the toughest yet most rewarding job on the planet.

Hope you enjoy every second of it....


djpr said...

We're all allowed a brain fart now and again. Some more than others, but hey, that makes life fun right?

Awesome take on the stay at home thing, I absolutely loathe when people say that homemakers don't "work". Let them try it for a week and I guarantee they'll be skipping back to work with a happy tune on their lips.

And to the people who say they do ALL that AND work. BS. You never understand until you've done it, it's an entirely different animal. The work though seems to pale into insignificance when you get that magical kid moment that makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks for sharing!


Eschelle said...

we should be paid so much money!!!! Watch the diary of an angry black woman, there's this scene where the women ends up getting kicked out of her house and her hubby wants a divorce etc... her granny starts calculating her "wage" for being his housekeeper for 20+ years lol. It was great!

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Diana said...

Oh don't I know it! We are wonder women that get little credit or pay. I remember when I first went to find a job when the kids were teens. It was so tough because I had been home so many years raising children which doesn't count in the real world!
Being a Household Engineer is the hardest job there is! Love Di ♥

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