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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunrise Sunday

It's once more the beginning of a new week. At least according to my husband's company work-week schedule.

I'm hoping that this new meme/carnival I'm trying to start and establish will be welcomed with open arms, is followed, and has other bloggers participating.  I want more POSITIVITY. Not just in my blog, to see in other's blogs or on other pages. But also within my own life. So, I'm hoping that by doing Sunday Sunrise each week, that I will be able to clearly see the new beginnings of each week in a positive light and also see the positives in my life.

Each week, I will have a picture of a different sunrise at the top of the page. Underneath, I will state the positives from the previous week, and the positives that are to come in the week ahead. NOTHING NEGATIVE will be allowed in the post.

If you wish to participate, find a sunrise picture and follow the directions. And be sure to link THIS POST with your post as well, for your readers to look at, and see how it all works as well. Each of my posts will include the "rules" and how to post a Sunday Sunrise.

*If anyone can make blog buttons, PLEASE help me out and make one for me to include as a grab button...It would be greatly appreciated!*

Here goes the launch! (And the only one with the picture this far down the post.)

Last week, I had been able to clear up (once again) a misunderstanding for my son's SSI pay without wishing to take someone's head off.

Also, I felt good and proud of myself on Friday for the fact that I was able to get everything, but one example project, completed on my "to do" list in the Kindergarten class that I work in for volunteer time at school.

For this coming week, I look forward to one-on-one time with the two older of my children and being able to go on trips with them. One being Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest. The other, another trip to Jamestown Settlement in Williamsburg.

I'm also gearing up for the first of two birthday parties, that will be back-to-back in two separate weekends.

And I'm looking forward to a full week of seeing "my" kids at school for various upcoming functions. I'm helping with a Staff Breakfast for Teacher Appreciation Week, then also going on the trips, and am planning on helping in class on Thursday (seeing as I won't be there Friday).

*Want to spread some positivity? If you like this new meme/carnival, then LINK IT UP and share it with others and feel free to snowball the fun and positivity.*

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Unknown said...

I can make ya a button hun.. heck you can make your own it's really easy .. Load a picture to Picassa if you have it or through Picknik and edit it to size, then upload it to photobucket.. Then I have the code ya need to make it agrab button

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