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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

25 Days of Christmas (Day 8)

Wordless Wednesday... The Tree Trimming & Decorating. They may not be completely in order, so bear with me. (=

                            This is the tree at my children's school. One of the Pre-K Teacher Assistance used to do decorating for Macy's and other Department stores. So, they asked her to trim the school tree.

                   5th Grade is practicing for their upcoming Holiday Play (this Thursday evening!)

               Before the mass decorating started.

                 If only it were *just* these three boxes. But...

              Here comes Dad with the big, main Christmas Tree!!

                   Just think, those boxes in that corner have ALL been emptied! Including ones you cannot see behind my chair (that got moved down stairs to make room).

                   Miss Skyler is rocking out to "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree". Good pick, kid!

                    NOW do you see just how much crap we have to put up? And just think MORE will be added for NEXT year once CLEARANCE sales start.

                 A deco piece in my dining room.

                    Also in the dining room. Main wall, left side.

                 And the right side, of course...

                       My "nook" area's decorations.

                 The "glassless" glass cabinet (that is missing the FRONT piece of glass) also gets pretties placed in to it for Christmas.

                  Skyler has a "new" sweater and shirt that is Christmas themed, that was tucked in to a box. Hayley USED TO wear these just a couple years ago.

                    Speaking of Hayley...

                  I even have my very own Cindy Lou Who!! Can't you see the resemblance?

               This tree is downstairs in the Basement Foyer. The kids got to decorate this one ANY way that they wishes, seeing as it is THEIR tree.

                  The finished product with the lights out...

                 The main tree in the upstairs living room with lights out, finished.


singedwingangel said...

Looks like ya'llhad a blast.. Love your knick knacks on the wall I want a shelf like them..

Ashley said...

I love all your decorations! Beautiful trees!

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