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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Another Magical Monday! (blog hop)

Another week has started. What better way to kick it off on a Monday that to participate in the Magical Monday blog hop, courtesy of For The Love Of Blogs!

But before you run over there and see who all is participating, feel free to also ADD YOUR LINK HERE!

But, before you do...

please LEAVE A *GENUINE* COMMENT here on my page to show that you have read it. Not a copy/paste thing or a "I followed you/follow me back" comment... I am okay with people stating if they came from another blog hop and found me. But I don't play the "followed you/follow me back" game.

**If you cannot abide by that one simple rule for linking on my page, I wish for you to NOT link it at all, nor even leave a COMMENT on my page.**

Now, be sure that BEFORE you head over to.. add your link (below) in my link-up tool area! Have a great Monday, everyone.


AubrieAnne said...

Hey there, Sweetie! I am using my "Follow Me if you Dare" button! I feel like the revolution is growing and yet I still find a few people who just don't seem to be paying attention! How frustrating is that? Nonetheless, I feel like it has lessened, if that is any consolation. Plus, I've stopped visiting sites that I KNOW are not being considerate and IGNORING anything I have to say.

Anyway, thank you for the blog hop! Without blog hops, I wouldn't have found even half of the wonderful people I get to speak with almost everyday. PS> I'm goign to find you on facebook today! Thank you for the link!

AubrieAnne @

Gina Alfani said...

Hey Missy!

Blog hops are awesome and I have also met lots of cool people, however . . . I know what you are talking about and it bugs me too.

To be honest, I'm also into the numbers like the rest of them and getting more followers to my blog, but more for interaction with other bloggers than anything else.

So . . . I'm your newest follower ;)

I have many blogs . . . check them out when you get a chance! Thanks for another linky! You can promote it and your blog at my Facebook Fan page for Fabulous Frugalista.

Have an awesome day . . . Gina

Patti said...

Hi! Thank you for reminding everyone how to be polite here in blog land. =)
Thank you also for giving us the opportunity to put our link here on your site. Don't you love FTLOB? I have met some great people there. They have everything in one hops, great blogs to follow and places to post your own blogs. I like that they also help remind people too that we are not doing this so that we can get a 'generic' comment. We blog because we put a piece of our heart out. When someone comments with a cut and paste link to their blog it's just disappointing. Have a great day!
Patti =)

Ourfamilyworld said...

Hi Missy,

Thank you for hosting this blog hop. You have beautiful children and lovely cats. I love cats but Unfortunately we can't have at home because my son is allergic to them..

I am your new reader through For the LOVE OF BLOGS.

Have a great day
from Olfa

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