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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Mingling w/Tough Cookie Mommy

Yeah, I thought I would try this Blog Hop out. My Bloggy pal, Tough Cookie Mommy is the glitterific chica that came up with the idea. If you want to check out her blog, TOUGH COOKIE MOMMY, click on the name there in highlight and it will take you right to her.

Below is her direct linkup button for Monday Mingle. You can get to her page through it as well.

For my new followers, I guess I'll do a bit of info about me and mine.

1) I'm an "old lady" (as in married around these parts of the South).

2) I've got three chitlins (that's kids around these parts, mind you).

3) I'm constantly driven crazy by my four...erm..I mean, three kids (being my husband can be just as big a kid as the real ones) as a Stay At Home Mama (Mom or Mommy to everyone else around the country).

4) Chocolate (of pretty much all kinds but German (blech!)) and I have had an ongoing love affair for YEARS. And yes, my hubby is a-okay with it. BONUS!

5) Where my kiddos go to school, I volunteer at least one day a week. More as needed, depending on upcoming activities and planning schedules.

6) You would never think that I was REALLY born and raised in the San Fransisco's East Bay Area of California, seeing as I have more of a Southern nature (and twang in the voice) since I have now lived here for over twelve years.

7) I also Tweet on Twitter, Face up on FaceBook and Pog on Pogo.

8) We have three cats and a (new) Bearded Dragon Lizard. Hopefully soon, we can also add back the almost 40-gallon tank of fish. Between them and the kids (and the hubby) it truly is a ZOO around here!

Now, go have a hoppin' good time over at Cookie's page and LINK UP! I may just do this again next Monday. But with something more than just stupid tidbits about yours truly.

Have a wonderful week, my fellow Bloggers and readers alike!


Samantha said...

Hey - following you from Monday Mingle.

And yes, chocolate is definitely a love affair!

Small Town Mommy :) said...

New follower here from Monday Mingle

I know how you feel, sometimes I think my kids will, successfully, drive me crazy! LOL But, they are SO worth it :)

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