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Saturday, February 26, 2011

In Transplant News This Past Week...

This past week has been filled with appalling headlines. Both of which I'd known about earlier on. But one thing has become "official", whereas the other news of noting is still "in the works". In the end, both stories go against ethics of humanity and ethics within the Transplant world.

First of all, let's talk about the (ahem) 'lovely' Janet Brewer, Governor of Arizona and her cuts that SHE passed in to affect.

I'd written a piece about her and what her plans were a while back in regards to those that are waiting on organs and are served by the state's Medicaid Assistance. To read that post, CLICK HERE.

Now, these "Death Panels" have been officially put in to place. The cards are all laid out. And HUNDREDS of Arizona citizens that are waiting on a LIFE SAVING organ transplant will NOT live long enough to get it.

Why? Because the worst of the worst will be removed from the Waiting List, and are on Medicaid Assistance in the state of Arizona.

Governor Brewer signed in to affect, budget cuts to "save money" in her state. One of those slashes were to Medicaid. And primarily those waiting on an Organ Transplant.

To read the latest article on it, CLICK HERE. This is an older article, yes, But now Janet Brewer has set in to motion, a wave of death.

Now, as for the other article that has been capturing my attention, and has for some time now, as the story has been unfolding is the story of the two sisters from Mississippi who were sentenced to LIFE in prison for their crimes, but were RELEASED after serving sixteen years, on ONE condition... That one sister IS to donate a kidney to the other, who's own kidney is failing.

Apparently, the judge that ordered this "new sentence" is not very well versed in the rules, regulations, ethics and overall practices of Organ Donation. Because if the idiot was, he would KNOW that to FORCE anyone to be an organ donor (especially when it's NOT known at the time if indeed the sisters are an actual match) is considered unlawful and goes against EVERYTHING that UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) stands for and has laid out as the procedures to give and receive organs.

To read the article in reference to the criminal sisters who got off on a strange "technicality", CLICK HERE.

They were ALLOWED to move out of state (which normally is a no-no with Probation). But the transplant cannot take place until they BOTH lose weight. And hey, they get a PERSONAL TRAINER for that, and Gastric Bypass Surgery. Then of course, the Organ Transplant Surgery.

Like the doctors, I'd REALLY love to know WHO is going to pay for this? It's obvious that neither of them have medical insurance. And by my understanding of practice, the patient MUST have some kind of medical insurance to be approved as a Recipient.

Plus the Judge who ordered this weird release states that the transplant MUST happen within a year, or (hypothetically) they will be sent BACK to prison. WTF?? I say that they should have NEVER left on these types of terms.

Maybe I should have been imprisoned BEFORE my transplant that I had for my eye. Then all MY bills would be paid FOR me. Instead, I have pretty good insurance, but still stuck with on-going bills for the REST OF MY LIFE for the transplant its self and for the lifelong, on-going care I will need (and possibly ANOTHER Corneal Transplant down the road). Because apparently, it PAYS to be in prison these days, instead of a "punishment".


Michelle said...

Yes, I agree with you. That is kind of weird. What kind of sentence is that? What does one have to do with the other? I don't see how the consequences fit any of the actions that might have taken place. Came over from the hop BTW. I'll check out the rest of your blog from here.

Mrs. Sherman said...

Hi, I came in from a blog hop. Nice to meet you! I had no idea about this! WOW! Seriously that is crazy! After the transplant do they have to go back? That whole thing is very fishy! Very informative and I have joined your followers! Thanks for sharing! ~Miranda~

Mollie said...

Well, what crime are you going to perp? Typical female crime like, check fraud and hooking? Or something a little more masculine, like the annihilation of millions of people?

Hopped over from FTLOB.

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