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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Product Review

I love desserts. And I love gum. Now, I can have the best of both worlds. All at one time. And that makes for a "Happy" Homemaker in this Diary entry.

Extra brand gum has recently introduced a new line of product that gives you the wonderful taste of classic and popular desserts, without the weight gain that normally goes with such indulgences.

First up is Mint Chocolate Chip flavor.

I love chocolate. I like mint flavor. I love these two in combination in a bowl of ice cream. But sadly, I do not care much for the gum. It's too minty, and for me does not have enough chocolate flavor to appease my palate. All you honestly taste IS the mint. And it's too overpowering.

Next up is the Key Lime Pie flavor.

I'm a fan of Key Lime flavored yogurt. But I was pretty iffy about it being as a gum flavor of choice. But that all changed this past week when my daughter's Kindergarten teacher slipped me a piece of her Key Lime Pie Extra Gum. It was rich and bold with the Key Lime flavor. But not too robust. It truly tasted like I was eating a piece of homemade Key Lime Pie. Decadent!

Now, last, but certainly not least (in the least bit) is the Strawberry Shortcake flavor.

WOW!!! I'd just bought this flavor this evening. I was blown away by how close it is to the "real thing". I loved chewing my Strawberry Shortcake G-U-M. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself not to swallow because in fact, I was chewing on gum, not on a real piece of Strawberry Shortcake (which is one of my other fave desserts, FYI).

All in all, the Extra brand Desserts line is really good. With exception to my disdain for the Mint Chocolate Chip, I can safely say that I indeed will be buying this brand's line of chewing gum in the future.


In no way is the Author of 'The (Not Always) Happy Homemaker Diary' being paid, or is endorsing said product for monetary gain. All comments and review remarks are of the ideals, views and of this product is of this Blog's Author.

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