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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I think that I should use Wordless Wednsday as to express myself, seeing as I am obviously having the week from hell. Between the school problem, my cooking problem (where I have ruined SOMETHING from the last two dinners) and a host of other "problems", the following pictures should help you "get" where I am this week...

(Yes, my husband has fallen victim this week. Even with medication in the bathroom.)

(My children LOVE a messed up, shitty looking home. God forbid we look like we live like clean, normal people that value our belongings.)

(Refer back to previous picture's explanations, seeing as I don't care to repeat myself twice. It's a "mom" thing.)

(Thanks to two major screw ups in the kitchen, two straight nights in a row, and not listening to my "gut instincts" of just going out to dinner, this will be my line tonight or I'll damn well get to go out to dinner as to avoid another catastrophe.)

(I say HELL YEAH! Bring it on, bitches.)


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