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Friday, April 15, 2011

Have a "Hoppy" Friday, Friends!!

Well, after today, I will have some "quality" time with my kids. I can't wait! The fights. The arguments, the not wanting to get off the DS. The wanting to DAILY go to McDonald's (after swooning to me and pleading cases as to why they HAVE TO go to my personal hell).

Yes, friends, it is looming upon me and all of the city schools (but one, which an all-year-around school). SPRING BREAK!!!!

But today, it's volunteering day at school. I get to "hide" the eggs for the PC named "Spring Egg Hunt" and prep everything for the "Spring Break Party" later in the afternoon. Otherwise, it's an easy-peasy kinda day. Which usually is not an easy day, filled with reading groups, copying papers, and other fun things.

I enjoy it though. All of it. It makes me feel "hoppy". Get it? "Hoppy"??...Yeah okay. I may have lost you there.

Anywho, speaking of "hoppy", why don't you, my dear reader, join in on my Blog Hop/Link Up and add yourself to the linky tool list (BELOW)..Just follow the directions and have a wonderful day, my friends!


Slidecutter said...

Happy Friday...I hope!

Put up a link to an older post; one that always stays current, especially where kids are concerned. One of my "rants"..a mild one..but a rant just the same.

Enjoy Spring Break!


Susi said...

Hi there! I found you on FTLOB, and didn't see any rules, so I decided to link up! You have a nice blog, and I love your page about followers.. I have a similar page on my blog.. I'm happy to see that people have the same concerns and opinions about what blogging is about - true readers. Have a lovely weekend!

SusieQTpies said...

Hiya Happy Homemaker (not always), lol! I'm your newest GFC follower! I've linked up and eager to look around! You can join my Easter bunny photo hop if you want!!! It is fun! Susie

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