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Friday, April 22, 2011

Mama Claws Got Sharpened This Morning...

As many of you know, ABC's Executive, Brian (asshole) Frons not only is removing "All My Children" off of it's ABC Daytime lineup, but also (underhandedly) canceled "One Life To Live" as well. All with bogus "research" and "excuses" as to why. And worse yet, the piece of shit did it via a WEB CAM! He was too chickenshit to do it with the casts and crews of the shows face-to-face.

Now, I am as angry, upset, hurt and bewildered as the next fan of these two WONDERFUL and endearing shows. I'm all for not buying anymore Disney movies or other items of the company's. And for the time being, I refuse to watch anything but my local news or the Soap Operas on ABC.

But one thing that I flat out REFUSE to do is punish MY kids. I WILL let them keep watch their shows on the Disney Channel. Especially the 6 year old. She know NO better and has NO understanding of what is going on.

How dare a COMPLETE STRANGER tell me what I should or should NOT let MY kids watch in MY home where the bills are paid by ME and/or my husband.

While I can get that people are mad and are worried, that gives NO ONE the "right" to tell another person, let alone a complete STRANGER on the internet (be it Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, Blogger or whatever site) what another person should or should not let a kid (that is NOT theirs) to see, listen to or do.

Until you people pay MY bills, you have NO say in what happens in MY home. That is blatantly and utterly rude. I don't tell others what they SHOULD or should NOT do in the PRIVACY of their own home. And so I DEMAND the same respect/courtesy.

If this is the shit that I'm going to have to start dealing with, then you can count me OUT of this "movement". I will stand up and voice my concern, make emails or calls as needed, and refuse to watch or buy whatever items I MYSELF deem fit to do so.

BUT.. No one will be allowed to tell me what my children will "boycott", which is NOTHING. And furthermore it's of NO ONE's concern in regards to my kids as to what they are/aren't "allowed" to view/hear. Not on here, or FaceBook, and not on Twitter (which is where the incident happened).

You all say you want us to ban together and be as one. To save our Soaps. Fine by me. I'm in for that. But if people are going to go to THIS extreme and being THAT cut-throat about the shit, then I'll remove anything that has to do with the boycott/movement and call it a day and hope for the best.

NO ONE goes after my children in this kind of manner. Directly OR through me. At least ALL THREE of them watch channels like Diccovery, History and the like. They LOVE to learn. Not just watch "junk".

Can YOU say that about YOUR kids? Especially when they are only 11, 10 and 6 years old? Things like "Modern Marvels", "How It's Made", "Biography", "Wild America".

Yeah, I didn't think so. So, do us all a favor and shut your pie hole.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm sorry you are losing shows you love. I have to admit that I am a bit surprised by all this ferver about the soaps but I guess it's because I do not watch them. I also think the way it was done was a bit chicken shit as well.

But people really are telling you what you should do about your life? What you should or shouldn't watch or let your kids watch? Have these people nothing better to do with their time and life? What next telling me what I can or can't do with my own body? Or that their religion is the only one I should participate in and follow their rules?

I hope all the boycotting works so that the soaps will stay on. Last year it was announced that Soapnet was going off the air. I watch an orginial program on the channel (Being Erica) and so of course I was upset but maybe that was a hint to us all that this was happening. And didn't they just move soap stars to the west coast?

Missy said...

Yes. All My Children, along with the cast and the crew were moved to L.A...Now, they are wanting to cut them off at the knees. Some of those people had to move their ENTIRE family to L.A., away from their extended family, friends, move their kids to new schools.

Patty said...

Although I haven't watched one Soap since my children were little (and AMC, OLTL were my favs back then) I can well sympathize with your feelings.

As far as anyone out there in the Peanut Gallery, chastizing you for any protest regarding these show cancellations...plain and simple..fuck them all!

And, next time you comment, Missy...please don't hold back; let the asswipes REALLY have it!


Life in the House That Asperger Built said...

Absolutely right! I'm also not a Soap watcher, but I totally feel you on someone telling you what you should/shouldn't allow your children to do. Regardless of their reason. That's just wrong on ever level!

Rock on!

Diana said...

I hear ya, and I agree. Well said!
Love Di ♥

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