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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

300th Post Celebration..Though I Know No One Really Cares. (Link-Up Provided!)

Seeing as of late, my posts are a bit of a dud. Even ones that I let people USE me to link up and hope to gain more readers themselves. I'm just a glutton for punishment I guess.

It's been a ride thus far, to say the least. And with the 300th post I think I am going to post some links to my personal all-time favorite posts, maybe add a couple of videos, and place up a few pictures.

Thanks to all of you that have been loyal readers during all 300 pieces, that date back to November of 2009 here on Blogger. And welcome to all my new friends/readers.

And just because I am feeling ultra-generous, I think I'll let you all LINK UP with this post (below) as a way to show my appreciation.

Let's see, I think I will list a few of my all-time fave posts first. Sound like a plan? And feel free (especially my new friends) to click on them and read them. Don't be shy!

The One That Started It All

A Poem To A Baby Never Held

For Me, April Is More That Just About Easter

Followers, Carnivals And My Being Myself

100 Posts Ago

A Big Loss

Did you have fun reading all these? I hope so.

Now, on to the Video portion of the party. Here's a few songs that I just LOVE and love to sing or dance to. In no particular "love it!" order..

Now that you are all pumped up and raring to go, feel like seeing a few pictures? Yeah, I'm gonna be random. And the first three should tell you the kind of guys I like to see on the boob-tube. (=

Well, that's it (for now). Thanks for coming on over and celebrating with me. I hope you had fun reading, watching, looking and listening. Come on by my pace anytime. I love having friends over.

Now, just scroll a bit further down here and ADD YOUR BLOG link to my post here and let's see if I can get ya hooked up. Consider it my "Thank You!" present from me to you, for your generosity and support. Have a great day!


Dez said...

Congrats sista! WOOOHOOOO!!!

Slidecutter said...

Hot Damn and Congrats to you, feisty lady!

I say when you hit 500, we all plan a get-together and partayyyyy!!

Many Hugs,

Not a Perfect Mom said...

Happy 300!!

Natalie said...

Congrats on 300 posts! I liked your poem, and your children are adorable.

Party Buzz Bee said...

Congratulations on 300 posts! I added your banner and link to my blog. :)

Kate Weber said...

Congrats on 300 posts! That is an incredible accomplishment! I'm at 242, and I know how hard I've worked on it, and how hard it is sometimes to get a post up, so I'm very impressed that you've made it! It keeps me going knowing that someone can do it!

I'm new to your blog! I found you on FTLOB and can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog as well!

Simply Kate

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