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Sunday, December 26, 2010

200 Posts!?.. And A "We Need To Talk" Moment.

Now that the blog series is over, I can move on to other topics. Aren't you just ecstatic?

One thing that has happened since starting the "25 Days Of Christmas" posts is that I have reached (and gone beyond at this point) writing 200 posts!!

Exciting, isn't it? I've so far posted about all kinds of things from my son who has many mental disorders, to my life as a Stay-At-Home Mom and Wife, and all kinds of other things in between.

Today though, I am once again going to touch upon a very sensitive topic. One that never takes a break and is a battle for millions around the world, not just in the United States every single day. It doesn't care if it's Christmas time or Summer time.


Not just one kind, but all forms of abuse. Child abuse. Domestic Violence. Sexual abuse. Verbal, emotional and mental abuse.

If you wish to read about my personal, first hand experience with being in an abusive relationship, then I urge you to READ HERE.

As of today, over on FaceBook, I have "re-started" a page that I had running under a different name. Seeing as the site's new format no longer allows for name changes, I had to start fresh and delete the old page.

It is called Bring REAL Awareness To Abuse.

You can either click on the page's title above, or click on the page's "Like" box above at the top of this blog's page.

There, you will find tips, facts, statistics and information for how to get help. It's still just starting out. And I am also relying on the page's members to be active and participate as well.

Abuse in any form is not a laughing matter. It never rests. So, bringing forth awareness and information in how to watch for signs of abuse and how to find help shouldn't take a back seat, either.

But also please note (within the page)..

*Some pictures that might be posted could very well be GRAPHIC in nature as to "drive home" the realities of what REALLY happens when a child is abused.

*These pictures could either be posted by the page owner or via the page's members.

*VIEWER DISCRETION OF PHOTOS IS ADVISED! And admittance of MINORS below a certain age (13 years) will NOT be allowed.

Dedicated to all of those that "died young" at the hands of an abuser...

1 comment:

AubrieAnne said...

Congratulations on your 200 posts! That's a pretty huge accomplishment and shows your dedication, not only to your blog, but the things that you truely care about. Awareness about anything is so important. Being naive about some things does protect us to a point, but things like a =buse is nothing to ignore or not learn about.

Keep on writing and building!

AubrieAnne @

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