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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is for more than Easter. It's to Give Life, Give Hope....

Life. What a precious thing to have, isn't it? Most of us take it and all of it's gifts for granted. That is until something major happens and it makes you take a better look at that proverbial big picture.

That is how it is for over 100,000 people in the United States of America alone. Add in people all over the world, and you are looking at MILLIONS of men, women and children. Holding on to every single day as if it really is their last. Hoping for that one second chance.

Waiting for someone to give of themselves. Waiting....for a new organ, tissue, bone, or bone marrow.

Some will sadly die waiting for their turn. Some have been waiting only a few weeks. Some, a few months. And some have been forced to wait for YEARS to get "the call" to receive the Gift of Life.

During the entire month of April, those of us that have been touched by Organ/Tissue/Bone/Marrow Donation are celebrating Organ, Tissue Donation Awareness Month.

People that have been are a Recipient, a Living Donor, is a Donor Family, or a friend of someone who donated or received an organ/tissue/bone/marrow are banding together to spread the awareness of the need GLOBALLY, all around the world for people to SIGN UP 2 SAVE LIVES with their local Organ/Tissue Donation center.

Be it the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), on a website such as, or Google-ing for International Organ/Tissue Donation Registration websites.

When you sign up to be an Organ/Tissue Donor, you are saying that you are willing to freely give someone else, after your death, a second chance to live on.

For me, it was a Cornea for my eye. That is the "outside window" that protects your inner eye from injury and enviromental infections that could otherwise sneak in directly and attack the eye its self.

Without my Donor's gift of sight, I would be COMPLETELY blind in my left eye. As a Stay-At-Home-Mom that was NOT an option. I wanted to see with BOTH eyes, my three young children grow, be able to keep BOTH eyes on them, be able to SAFELY cross a busy street and have more of my independence back.

If you sign up to be a Donor, you are a HERO! To not only the Recipient. But, to their family and their loved ones. We ♥ our Donors and their families EVERY day. They are NEVER far from our thoughts, hearts, and appreciation.

Please, take a few minutes out of your time today to sign up to be an Organ/Tissue Donor. It's free, quick, and simple. Let someone have a full life and a second chance.


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Dennis said...

I lived most of my life not at all thinking about organ donation, oh I had thoughts about it, but didnt do anything. Then one day I woke upto the fact that there was something wrong, I didnt feel just right. After seeing many doctors and spending thousands of dollors, without medical insurance a doctor told me I had liver cancer and was gonna die probably within a year. I looked for a second opinion and was refered to a clinic at UIHCs at Iowa City Iowa. Within several months my doctor told me she couldnt do any more for me and she was submitting my files to the organ transplant team for consideration for liver transplant. Another six months went by before I was approved and put on the transplant list. Being O- I was told that my chances of getting the transplant I need was slim at best. I lived for three years scared I was gonna die any day, every time the phone would ring I looked at the caller id to see if it was my nurse finnally on a Friday at 10:30 am she called and said Dennis we have your liver get here asap. I was so happy I didnt know what to do laugh, scream for joy or cry. On April 30th 2008 my life was saved, a young man had died and at thought ahead and chose to be an organ donor, I am so lucky he did.
I love him and his family they are Heros in my life I will never forget them, I want so much to meet his wife and thank her and tell her how much I appreciate his love for a stranger. I am sick that she lost her love, thats the part that hurts. I want her to know that in his honor I want to pass on the need for organ donation it is so needed. thank you Missy for letting me share with you the challange to promote Organ donation and to help you with this campain. Dennis Walton

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